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Doctor Lisa is awaiting you!

Dominatrix Lisa


 like most of you already know, I always had multiple personalities  . Monday I’m the sadist, Tuesday a teacher, Wednesday maybe a kidnapper, then lady fatale in Latex and highheels... All of them I love to play and doing a scenario just for the two of us ( or maybe 3?) but lately I’m nurse Lisa more and more often, white latex, Red Cross on my chest, white gloves and a evil smile. Are u feeling a bit sick ? Having a dream about body modification? Don’t hesitate to send me an email and we will see what I can do for u!


Smoke fetish

Dominatrix Lisa

Deftly she pulled a cigarette from the pack, placed it on her waiting lips and flicked her lighter; setting a warm soft glow over her pale skin. She knew he was watching her, so she dramatically took the first drag and then slowly blew the smoke out from between her soft Red lips TBC


Dominatrix Lisa

Have you ever wanted your own custom clip from me? well now is your chance I am now offering custom clips as long as your request suits my interests. All my custom clips are filmed mostly by phone and minimum 2 min up to 5 min.


Dangle my heels just for you saying your name

Crushing some food under my feet



Pet Training

stocking fetish

Pantyhose fetish

Nail fetish








Haven’t found what u looking for? Well dont hesitate to send me an email for more information!

Additional cost will be charged when u want me to say your name and the video will not be released on the web ( social media, onlyfans)

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Dominatrix Lisa

Cucky needs his fix

Seeing my loyal slave was cleaning the kitchen in his sissy maid outfit made me smile at the security cams . I picked up the phone to call him, he immediately picked it up. 

"Hi cucky, are you finished with your chores?" I asked. I could hear music in the background and so I knew he still was the privat dancer.

"Yes Lisa, I was just finishing up the kitchen. I am almost done," He replied.

"Good, because I am gonna be home with Brad soon and I want the bedroom neat and clean. There will be hell to pay if I find anything not up to standards. Do you understand?" TBC 


Dominatrix Lisa

DUBAI 12-24 feb

MIAMI 1-7 may

berlin 1-3june

All other dates most probably in BELGUIM

Saturday night....

Dominatrix Lisa

A casual day in my mistress life...

it's saturday night, and my horny human object begged me to come over to his flat so he can entertain and serve me. I had thought of a plan so he will not forget this evening ever again.

I put on my soft sheer wolford fully fashioned nylon stockings carefully on my beautifully toned and waxed legs, slip on a pair of red sole Louboutin high heels and then entered my dressing room to put on a tight leather mini dress with matching leather gloves.

A last check on my make up in the mirror, sexy red coloured lipstick and big lashes with an evil sexy smile will do for him. I put on my trenchcoat, get in my car and before starting the journey, I message him to tell him exactly how to prepare with ETA in 30 minutes!

Upon arrival, I sense my object is getting excited.... and rang the bell. The door opens a little and I hear my object fall onto his knees. I kick open the door and see him kneeling on the floor in slave position wearing just a black tie around his neck.

I turn the tue around his back just so I can pull him wherever I desire without him seeing anything! Slowly I put on a ski mask over his face then pulled his tie a little closer so I can stroke his face with my leather gloves. He inhales deeply and his body begins to shiver in excitement! We both know that he loves the smell of leather TBC