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Story (part 1)

Dominatrix Lisa

It was late in the afternoon.

The end of May promised to keep it's warm temperatures, bringing a hint of summer. Summer means a lot of people going outside, enjoying the warm air with a cool and relaxing drink.

I was in the center of Antwerp, entering a fancy bar with some lounge atmosphere. It is one of those hot pubs with tall tables and barstools inside, but long cosy seats outside. The kind of place you go to enjoy a few Mojito's or Gin & Tonics, to stay until late at night, tittle-tattling about all the fun things in life, lying comfortably in those lounge seats under a full moon, ...

I ordered a drink and watched the audience. As always, I was a bit out of tone, but it didn't bother anybody. Most of the people were good looking women, dressed in black or white sundress, great hair and plenty of make-up on their tanned skin. The men all seemed to spend a lot of time in the fitness club and hardly tried to cover their biceps in white polo shirts.

All of a sudden I felt some eyes burning. Do you know that feeling of suddenly getting cold shivers, sweaty hands and a sense of being aware of every little move you make? It got all over me, and I started to look around very carefully. Most of the audience was laughing and in talking with their companions.

I looked down to the floor a second and suddenly I noticed a shoe, gently dangling an the tip of a foot, a foot shrouded in a lightly shining nylons. There was something mesmerising about it. It was my favourite kind of shoe: most noticeable was the red sole, characteristically for the great Christian Louboutin. For me that red sole is like a red rag in front of a Spanish bull, it awakes a lot of fire inside of me. The rest of the shoe was shiny black, almost like a mirror of a dark soul. It reminded me of something unknown to me at that moment. I looked at the model of the shoe. The tip was very pointed, nearly to the edge of dangerous. And those heels, they were absolutely dangerous. A woman could use them for self protection at any moment. The entire length of the shoe was like a wave, but its curls embraced the feet like a baby wrapped in a soft towel.

Suddenly I noticed that the foot didn't just dangle the shoe around, it kind of had a rhythm in it. The short movements went faster, bit by bit. The foot directed the point upwards, as if it was pointing at something. All of a sudden I looked up and looked into the eyes of a lady. I was surprised by the look of them, because I knew who this was! My Herrin Lisa looked at me, with a smirking smile. She knew that I observed here, watched every little move and every little detail of her feet. I didn't know what to do: either look at her and greet her from a distance, or look away. It was too late already for the latter.

She waved at the waiter and talked briefly to him, while pointing her red polished nail at me. The waiter came into my direction. I got scared! Would she have informed him on what I was doing?! "Good evening sir, the lady said you would pay her drink as a thank you gift to her." I didn't know what to say, I tried to grab my wallet as quickly as I could and paid the drinks.

When the guy went back inside, Herrin Lisa walked towards me, raised high above me on those amazing shoes. "If you want to continue what you were already doing in your mind, you can follow me, but keep your eyes down toward my shoes. Never look up, slut." And she walked away between the seats, to the street.

I hesitated for a split second and started following her ...