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Was it all a dream...

Dominatrix Lisa

We had agreed to meet in a classy restaurant - Mistress Lisa and myself. It was our first meeting but I thought I knew her for some time now. I did tell her in an email about my fetish for chastity play and humiliation and that I would follow her in her commands to whatever depth she would take me to. 
Oh my foolish self! Had I known what was to come - what I was to become that night. She had ordered me to pick her up in a classy restaurant downtown and to come with my chastity belt worn. When arriving I had to surrender the keys to her immediatly - no questions asked. And I did just that. I handed her the keys to my metal prison when I shook her hand in greeting. Mistress Lisa looked at it and smiled wickedly. 
"Well well" she said still grinning "you are a naughty one. And I shall see that you will not never forget this night.". Those two little sentences of hers gave me goosebumps. No - I have to be precise - they gave me even more goosebumps then seeing her sitting there. She wore a tight leather pant and white silk blouse. Under the blouse there was a hint of dark bra - probably leather as well. And some extraordinary high heeled boots. In one word, she was breathtaking.
After a light dinner for which of course I did pay, we left the restaurant and she again grinned at me "Now comes the fun part she said" tapped the steel belt I wore and walked off indicating me to follow her.
As it was a warm night she did not wear a coat or jacket and I enjoyed watching her backside while she walked in front of me, leading me on into what I shall now call "the belly of the beast" - "the dark underworld of the city".
We walked through dark alleys and little streets. Only a little light here and there. The shadows creeping over the scenery and then a beam of light iluminating Mistress Lisa again. She checked for quite a few times that I was still with her. Leading me on into the maze of streets until we came to an entrance. It was her favourite public dungeon she said as we entered. The room was not big but crowded with people - mostly men I noticed and as the door shut behind me she did turn around and put a collar around my neck. 
"Come with me and not a word" she hushed into my ear. Then she lead me on a leash through the crowd towards the far end of the room. All eyes were on me... watching me... grinning as if they knew something. A door lead to another room and Mistress Lisa opened it as if she was a regular guest there. I was shoved through the door and she turned around and called into the room "Boys - I got you a surprise! He will serve as your slut tonight!"
Damn was I glad it was dark in there so none saw me turn beetroot-red. The door closed and Mistress Lisa locked it. "Take of your cloths" she ordered me in no uncertain terms. A whip that appeared as if out of nowhere in her hand enforced the command. I was undressed in 20 seconds flat. Only the steel chastity belt still around my waist and the collar on my neck.
She took a pair of handcuffs from her handbag and tied my hands behind my back. After that she pushed me to the left wall of the room. "Get on your knees boy" she breathed in my ear as she stood behind me. "It is time now you learn to be my toy. And my toys all suck dick."
I was pushed onto my knees by Mistress Lisa and then I noticed three holes in the wall in front of me. What did I got myself into here, I wondered. But it was to late. Already there appeared a cock in the center hole. "Get to work... and do it well" I heard Mistress Lisa say as she pushed my head onto the thick cock.
I chocked... sputtered.... tried to do my best... served all those cocks there... how many I do not recall but it must have been quite a few. 
For her... for Mistress Lisa. 
Oh and she enjoyed that night - enjoyed makeing me her socking toy.

My eyes shot open. I lay in my bed in the hotelroom. Was it all a dream? 
I am uncertain. I lay there in my bed, naked but in my locked chastity belt. Then my phone rang and I got a message from her. Just a single very explicit picture....