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A surprise at the door!

Dominatrix Lisa

I made an appointment with the beautiful and amazing Mistress Lisa...
I pretended I was a man, cause I wanted to see her reaction, and I always like to do things differently, in a way that the excitement and the adrenaline take hold of me and in general of those that surround me... Who doesen´t love surprises, right?!?!
Well when she opened the door, she was completely surprised!!! Yes indeed!!
She told me she wasn't expecting that at all, but I was going to pay for that!!! Who was I to fool my Mistress? My Goddess...
Ohhhhh I played with fire and I´ve burned myself!! But honestly I deserve that, and just between us, I fucking loved it!!!!
We enter, straight to the dungeon, not much talk like we used to, she didn't even let me look into her eyes... wich I love (start the punishment) My head was down, she was mad, really mad at me, but at the same time I could see she wanted to laugh, because I had fool her as any slave until then dared to!! But fuckkkkkkkk I couldn´t look up I would get her even more mad, and Mistress Lisa is not a Mistress you want to see mad... Hell noooo!
We didn´t had much time cause I´m maried and my husband has no idea of this perv side I´ve got, he will never understand... Let´s keep it a secret!! Shhhhhhhh ;)
And honestly I think Mistress Lisa findes it more interesting because of it...
Well lets get back to the dungeon...
She was smoking a cigarette, she was soooooo fucking hot, like always!!!!
On her black and pink catsuit my favorite one...
She did it on purpose (another punishment)
So she put on some music and ordered me to undress!!!
"QUICKKKKKKKKKK!!!!" she said!!!
Yesssssss Mistress!!!
I just wanted to feel my pride wounded, really fast too! I like that feeling you know, makes me feel alive!!! And when you trust someone 100% like I trust her, everything is perfect. I give myself 100%! My mind, my body and my soul!! I belong to her!!! I am her property, she can do whatever she wants with me, I´m her slave!!!
I was completly naked, feeling unprotected and vulnerable but at the same time I was soooo fucking excited that I could feel my vagina pulsate and dripping! But Mistress Lisa could not see that... Ohhhhh boyyyyyyy I would be in trouble for that!!! I had to concentrate and controle myself!!! She said I could look into her eyes cause she wanted to see me in pain. I had no idea what was goin on, until she started to caress my breasts ohhhh it felt soooooo good!!!! And suddenly she twisted my nipples!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK that was intenseeeeeeeeee!!!!! Ohhhhhh the painnnnnnn but the pleasureeeeeee is also present ... it is a mixture of feelings!! Something that I love. Pleasure pain pleasure pain...
Then she put me some tweezer nipple clamps, but those chains were so heavy, that in minutes my nipples were burning like shit!!!! But as I said... pain pleasure pain pleasure pain pleasure!!! She smoked another cigarette, ohhhhhhh with that sexy catsuit!!! So hotttttttttttt!!!!
Then she went inside, she went and got something, had no idea what it was...
Then voilaaaaaaaaa some balls to put in my vagina!!!!
But if I love that how can it be a punishment? I was not understanding what was going on... then finally I understood cause she put the balls inside me, ohhhhh fuckkkkkk it felt amazinggggggg, but then she said "DON'T MOVEEEEEEEEE!!!!! DID I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR MISS MIAAAAAAAA?? DON'T YOU DARE!! DO NOT MOVEEEEEEEE!!!!"
Ok that was the moment I realise my punishment... those balls I need to move, Jesusssss I need to dance like Michael Jackson to go to the moon and back... FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK I was quiet and always looking at the floor. Ohhhhhhh I deserve that and I wanna be punished I want her to take my soul, yessssss my soul belongs to her!!! I want to please my Mistress to make her happy!!!!
She is my first priority, not me...
Then she ordered me to lay down , went to get some ropes and started to tie me up!! Then ordered me to have my legs far open!! God she´s strong she tied me really tight I could not moove myself and I knew that my body would be all covered with marks after that!!! Shit how would I explain that to my husband?? It was a real problem let me tell you... But things are so much interesting like that!! Then she went to get some candles. ENORMOUSSSSS candles!!!! I got scared cause they were so big, that I started to imagin the amount of wax that would fell from them...
But first she took me off the tweezer nipple clamps ohhhhhhh my nipples were soooooo sore... I felt my heart beating on them, they were burning but I was so fucking excited with that!!!! Cause I saw Mistress was happy, and that was such a joy for me, she could do anything with my body!!!!
So there was I and the candles, but she went inside again, but this time she took longer!!
I had no idea what was going on... then she apeared again with a small bucket. It was an ice bucket!!! Then I understood what was going on...
She lighten up the candles and untill they got enough wax, she was teasing me and started to caress my breasts and my body. It felt so good but I could not show any pleasure so I had to control myself, that was a lesson I was learning (but sooooooo hard) she was laughing so loud, she can be so cruel!!!! And it´s so exciting!!!
Then I could not handle and I did moan, she was mad and immediately gagged me!!!!
Then grabbed a canddle and turned it down and let the wax drops drain into my nipples. Ohhhhh the pain was sooooo intense that I though the skin of my nipples would go out!!! But there you go pain pleasure pain pleasure pain pleasure!! Then she got the ice cubes... and I immediately knew what she was going to do, but she was nice that time, Mistress Lisa started to tease me with the ice all over my body, even in my vagina she put an ice cube inside... Ohhhhhhh it was refreshing hihihi
She was putting ice on my nipples cause the hot and cold hot and cold hot and cold get's me all excited!! And she knows how to do it soooooooo well!!! Then she got back to the candles and moreeeeee wax!!! Ohhhh I though I had no skin on my nipples but for my Mistress I would bleed them and would say I love it!!!!! I just wan't to please her!! Ohhhhh the second time it hurt muchhhh more and the amount of wax was enormous!!!!! Then iceeeeeeeee, wax, ice, wax, ice, I was sweating so much!! This hot and cold ohhhhhhh Goddddddddd!!!!!! Then she stoped I was all excited with so much adrenaline and happy to pleased such a wonderful and gorgeous woman!!! I was feeling shivers of pleasure with all the intensity that she causes me!!
Then she back off, and light up a cigarette, ohhhhhh there she goes, she´s sooooo hot smoking!! In my mind I just wanna masturbate while she does it... But I belong to her, I am a faithful and devoted pet... I only do what she wants and what she needs!! Auto control!!!!
She went inside again... I was curious what she would bring this time. A little bottle of poppers!!! Ohhhh boy I know what's that for... She likes me to smell it and then she fucks my tinny little asshole so hard that makes me sore for days!!!! But guess what? I fucking love it!!!! I always have a desire for something more deep and intense! Love the punishment, the pleasure, the pain, the complicity and to satisfy the darkest desires.
She said it once and repeat it again... that I was going to pay for making fun of her, so this was the moment she said, "NO LUBEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Ohhhhh boy I though I was gonna die with the size of that dildo and with no lube?!?! But then Mistress Lisa said "Only spit!!!!" Uffffffff thank God!!!! It´s enough her spit is thick, is good, and believe me it really helps!!! She fucked my ass sooooo hard for about one hour, with no lube only spit! I was sore!! But it was pleasurable at the same time! It´s a mix of feelings. But what I really wanted was for Mistress Lisa to fuck me were the balls were, I even though she might had forgotten them! lol. But noooooo she knew very well where those balls were, she took them off real slowly laughing and teasing me... Then she untied me and she said she was going to fuck my horny and juicy vagina, but just a little bit, cause this was not about me, but about her!!! It was a little gift she was ofering me... "Thank you Mistress thank you Mistress!!!" I was dripping, I wanted sooooooo badly to have that dildo inside my vagina! I wanted her inside of me!! Finally she started to fuck me I was still gagged, but you could her me moaning!! Impossible not to! She was fucking me and looking me in the eyes!! It´s always such a deep look, and I´m amazed by that look, it kinda hypnotize you! I was moaning I couldn´t control myself, so she was pissed and told me to shut the fuck up!! Only fucked me about 3/4 minutes to make me even more horny! But it felt AMAZINGGGGGGG!!! Then Mistress Lisa got the Hitachi and said I couldn't cum!!!! "Don´t you dareeeeeee!!!" She turned it up and geeeez with that shit I cum in 2/3 minutes and she knows it, so she would turn it off when I was almost having an orgasm, she would turn it off and whipped me 3 times in my vagina!! Then turn it on, whip, turn it on, whip, turn it on, whip!! Untill she decided to reward me and finally let me cum!!!!!!!! It was suchhhhhhhh an intense orgasmmmmmmmmm!!! One of those that you almost lose consciousness...
I was lying down completely exhausted, needed a few seconds to compose myself. It had been an enormous electrical discharge!
Then Mistress said what I´ve always wanted to hear: "I wan´t you to masturbate for me and I wan't you to cum for me NOWWWWWWW!!!!!" While lit up a cigarette with a naughty smile on her face and those marvelous boobs jumping out of that amazing catsuit... FUCKKKKKKK that made me even more horny!!!!
I obeyed in seconds and the second orgasm came fast!! Cause with me the 2nd or the 3rd comes faster then the 1st so easyyyyy job Mistress... And having her saying nasty things and looking at me fuckkkkkkk even better!!!
I was completly at her mercy, I was shaking all over, my bood was running so fast, my body was so hot, my heart was pounding, my breathing was faster and suddenly all my muscles were relaxed. I wanted to be her sexual pleasure object.
I just wanted to be on her presence, just wanted to be there.
And suddenly there was a complete silence...