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Good night story

Dominatrix Lisa

So this guy....let's call him Andy....arrives at my dungeon. He wants his c*** to be pleasured. I tie him up, and tell him he's not allowed to make any noise or to cum while he's tied up.

I  tease Andy a little and soon he is all hard. I cover his cock in aftershave, light a cigarette and enjoy a smoke while he pleasures his c***!

I burn the end of his cock with your cigarette and he screams. Bad Andy so much noise he needs more punishment.

I  ask if he wants his teeth brushed. Im putting toothpaste over his c*** and with your electric brush I make sure his c***  is  nice and clean.

Another cigarette burn produces a scream.

He can't remain silent. Now i start to put pins down his japseye. Each pin is followed by another cigarette burn. Pin. Burn. Scream. Pin. Burn. Scream....until finally with his cock covered in burns and crying in pain, Andy finally manages to remain quiet.... Will he has the pleasure to c**?