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Good night story

Dominatrix Lisa


I met Mistress Lisa on a fetish party  about a year ago and was so taken with her Beauty.

I started to chat with her and would admire  her beautiful pictures out all the time.

After a few months, I just knew I needed to go see her, so I asked her when would be a good time.

She told me in a week. I could hardly contain myself for a week.

When they day finally came, I couldn't think of anything but Mistress Lisa.

People at work kept asking me if I was OK, because I was so distant, but all I could think of was Mistress Lisa.

I drove over to see her and when she answered the door, I thought I was going to pass out.

She was even more beautiful in person. Then I heard her body went numb!

That beautiful Mistress and the most amazing accent....I was in haven!

She ten had me come inside where I explained to her this was the first time I have ever been to a Mistress.

She just laughed at me and told me to relax. Like I could ever relax looking at here!

She then told me to take off my closes as she left the room.

Withing about 10 minutes, she came back dressed in the most amazing black latex outfit.

Once again, I thought I was going to pass out from when I saw...The most amazing beauty!

She told me that she remembered I had always talked about taking a starpon and this would be the day.

She took me to the table in the back of the dungeon and told me to show me my ass.

I was't sure how to do that, so she showed me..I should have just bent over, but she bent me over herself.

Once I was in position, she started to put on a strapon. It was hard for me to see since my head was flat of the ground.

When I finally got a look at what she was putting on, I was scared it was way too big, but she assured me, she would make it fit.

I was not sure if that was good for me or bad, but I was so excited, I just relaxed and let her do what she wanted to me.

She began with a small butt plug that took a little while to get in my virgin ass, but once it was in, I really liked the feeling.

She talked to me the entire way through, giving me encouragement to take it in my ass and to relax. I was starting to enjoy this when she pulled it out.

When Mistress Lisa pulled it out, she then told me we were doing for the big strapon. Again, I was trying to relax, but was just worried I would not be able to take it.

She started with a little lube in the tip on the Strapon and teased me ass with it. I thought I would never be able to take it, but my ass seemed to have a different idea.

Finally she stopped teasing began to slowly push it in my ass. I could not believe the amazing feeling of it slowly going into my ass. I really thought it would hurt.

But Mistress Lisa knew what she was doing and kept the steady pressure on the dildo. Farther and farther it went, inside my ass. OMG did it feel strange!

It felt strange, but amazing. At some point, she hit my prostate,  I think I jumped. She told me that is what she was looking for and began to move it in and out.

Mistress Lisa was now fucking me in my ass. I had such a warm feeling all over my body that I had never felt before...In and out, a little harder each time.

She then removed to strapon and told me to get on the table with my legs in the air. I have never moved so fast in my life. I wanted the strapon back in my ass.

Once I was in position, Mistress Lisa thrust the Strapon in much further. I thought I was doing to pass out....not from pain, but from the pleasure of watching her do this.

She began to thrust harder and harder. at this point, my dick began to get hard, which it had not done during the entire encounter because I was so nervous.

Mistress Lisa told me that meant I was finally hers!  She then began slapping it to makes sure I knew who was boss....I was amazed, it felt so good!

After about 10 minutes of thrusting the strapon in my ass, I was begging her to let me cum. She just laughed and said I could cum when she was ready and not before.

I really began to relax more knowing that this is where I wanted to be and that I had total trust in Mistress Lisa. I think she sensed that and told me that I could cum.

She trusted deep into my ass and was hitting my prostate when she grabbed my dick and began to stroke it with the same rhythm that she was using with the Strapon.

I can't even begin to explain the feeling that went across my body. I had never felt anything like that before...I began to cum like no other time in my life.

I thought I was going to cum for an hour with the way I felt. Mistress Lisa removed the Strapon and told me that she was happy that she now owned me and my ass.

By was she right!! 

Mistress Lisa gave me the most incredible experience of my life and I hope to know her for the rest of my life.