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Sometimes ...


Sometimes ...

Dominatrix Lisa

Volumes of anticipation, kicking the butterflies in my stomach building the excitement as I knock against a solitary door.

An echo of determined steps of clicking stiletto heels on a marble floor , as the noise gets closer excitement overloads my senses and my palms begin to sweat as the door opens.

Where I’m greeted by the most beautiful slender figure and magnetic eyes, nor one word is uttered just a movement of mistresses hand as I’m beckoned to follow.

Once the door closes ,Mistress shows me her dungeon of sinful desire, do you know what you’re here for slave mistress utters seductively.

Yes mistress

Would you like to be clad in latex or leather mistress asks , pointing to the room for changing.

Latex mistress I say . As mistress turns so does the strapon to her body , seeing that I noticed she moves in closer clasping it in one hand.

I know you want this slave and I’m gonna take my sweet time, as I open u up slowly teasing u first with my latex gloves, good for you that the latex suit you’re gonna wear is adapted for such hedonistic pleasure I’m about to give you , now go change.

Yes mistress as I run to the changing area, wondering what my first dominatrix session is gonna be like.

Walking back totally changed an slightly awkward, still salivating as I prepare to do all that is commanded of me.

Mistress commands me to lay down on the rubber covered bed. As I lay on my stomach arms by my side adrenaline an natural dopamine floods my mind, as mistress stand above me, strapon clad to her shegod beauty.

We’ll use this first mistress whispers while attaching a ball gag to my face.

Yes mistress I say hurriedly before me she attaches it, thinking to myself how is mistress gonna hear my Basil Faulty safe word with this ball gag on my face.

Now press your face into the bed slave arms behind your back , while I bind your hands, which ramps up the excitement making mistress more dominant she makes the binds .... tight.

With your hands now bound keep your face on the bed and push your knees up to your chest and show me your ass.

Yes mistress.

As she does this she slaps my arse and I moan which mistress shouts, no talking.

To which I nod my head.

I’m gonna open you up now slave n then fuck u , do you want that slave?

Yes mistress,

Applying lube to her latex clad hand she slowly pushes into me whilst slapping the strapon to my leg.

Shhh mistress says no talking , I nod my head.

Mistress then rotated from slapping my leg with the strapon to caressing my balls and throbbing member, speeding up now mistress begins to slam her knuckles against my buttcheeks opening me up more.

Do u like this bitch hummmm mistress says

Yes mistress

Pulling her hand away and slapping my ass one last time mistress moves in closer and whispers , I’m gonna fuck you now bitch , you want that don’t you bitch,

Yes mistress

Moving in behind me lathering the strapon and me with lube whilst attaching a collar and lead to my neck , pulling on the lead slightly so my back arches.

Grabbing the strapon with one hand the lead in the other pulling my head Back mistress enters me then back out in out repeatedly

Your open now slave do you want more she says slowing down

Yes mistress

I say pushing back into the strapon with the next stroke taking it deeper each time with each thrust making me groan

QUIET mistress shouts forcing herself deeper into me, pulling on the lead tighter pounding harder and harder choking me sending me into higher levels of a trance like bliss, as I push back into each thrust slapping body to body.

You are my slave no aren’t you bitch.

Yes mistress.

As our bodies collide in unison milking my prostate as I build to an almighty climax and cum mistress carries on

Who’s slave are u?

Your slave mistress

Who’s bitch are u?

Your bitch mistress

Moaning loader mistresss stops, as I quiver Brad’s of sweat running everywhere, as I try to compose myself from an amazing orgasm,

Mistress moves to the side of me as I look up at her,she then moved closer and slaps  my cheek, and whisper to my ear, next time I’ll be less forgiving with you.

To which I look up in amazement