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Coming Home

Dominatrix Lisa

The Mistress’ homecoming


Although my hours were paid, there was a no-show. So I was bored in my Dubai apartment and messaged one of my loyal slaves.

"matty, come in.” 

I didn’t expect a quick answer, busy as this dog of my is with his work. But almost immediately popped on my screen: "Mistress, your matty is at your disposal".

"Call me," I messaged back. This took a while, but when the phone rang. I answered, but said nothing.

"Yes Mistress," his voice trembled, "your matty'shere. What can I do for you?"

"I want you to go to the nearest toilet, to jerk off while I Listen. Keep the line open and the phone to your ear while you're there. Now."

For a moment it remained silent on the Dutch side of the line. After an audible swallow, a small voice said: "Yes Mistress."

"Is it far to the bathroom?" I asked immediately.

"About 50 meters Mistress," I heard my trusty biped as he walking was audible.

"Are you hard matty? Is your little dicky hard boy?"

"Yes Mistress, for you, by you, always Mistress."

"Good. Are you there yet?"

matty moaned softly through the phone and nearly gasped, which was not due his walking effort: "Almost Mistress."

In the background I heard a door open and then immediately another door. Now the slave’s breathing sounded different, echo-like. "I am there Mistress. I am in one of the men's room."

"Well done. Strap your pants and underpants and stand sideways above the toilet bowl. I wait, but not too long. "

"Yes Mistress," answered the man, half-whispering, half-gasping with excitement. A horny wave of dominant excitement went through my body as I heard him undress.

"I am squatting as you commanded Mistress", it sounded soon.

"Hold the phone to your left ear, support with your elbow against the wall and take your cock in theright. But still, you aren’t doing anythong, holding only," I commanded.

"Oh Mistress," groaned the slave, "I do what you say, but ... but ..."

"No buts" I bitched amused, “do as I say, nothing more." For my fun I let him dangle for a while above that shit bowl of his employer’s toilet. Then: 

"Stroke yourself. Now. I want to see how fast this goes ... mat-thew". Hardly had I pronounced his real name, and the echoing moaning started.

"Oh Mistress Mistress ... oh ... Oh, oh, mh ... mmh, MHM"

His spastic aftershocks were almost to be seen right through the phone. I was amazed by the speed of his orgasm.

"Well mattythat was rather quick. Are you clean?"

"Not yet, Mistress," sobbed the slave. A few seconds later: "Are now Mistress, cleaned-up. Sort of."

"That was not what I asked, but anyway, good. Here's what you do. You buy a chastity belt and send me the confirmation of your order by Whatsapp. The type etc it is for you to figure out, but I want to know how many keys there are of the type you have chosen. In addition, strap it on, make a picture and send this also to me. After my approval you snailmail me by express ALL the keys to the address I will give you. "

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress, thank you", his breath sounded still short of his orgasm, but also full of admiration.

Four days later I was playing in my hotel room with two real keys and five plastic locks. I had no idea when I would return to Antwerp, let alone when mattys little dicky could be freed at the earliest, but I didn’t careMatty was glad that I had taken over the lust in his life, and that he, finally, would see me.

Four weeks after I received the keys, I landed at Zaventem, Brussels Airport. Once through customs I saw my slave waiting for me.

"Give me your car keys," I said soft but strict, "and hold your wrists to each other." A little disappointedand puzzled my slave did what he was told. I threw my coat over his arms and commanded him also to carry my heaviest suitcase. I gestured him to walk to a secluded corner and pulled a tie-rip out of my bag. Nobody really noticed us, and that was fine. 

"Offer your arms," I said.

With a wide-eyed bliss he did what he was told with my coat still draped over his armsSwiftly I slit under my coat and tied firmly his wrists to each other with the plastic tie. The man moaned with pleasure.

"Now we go to your car and make sure that the coat doesn’t fall off."

Within no time we were at my dungeon  in Antwerp. After he put my suitcase and jacket in the right places - again with a scene of awkward hassle, I have a lot of patience with him - I called him to me. My faithful dog wanted to go down on his knees, but I stopped him.

"Ah-ah, not yet," I said, "first undo your trousers and underpants." I grabbed a chair to have a good sight at the clumsy hassleMatty groaned, I guessed this was because his dick squeezed into the CB, but remarkably quick my slave was able to uncover his abdomen. As a roulade the flesh of his cock pressed through the open spaces of the CB. From one of my cupboards in the play room, I grabbed a rope, tied it to his chastity belt and led the man, naked from below and still with his hands tied, thru my apartment. So we walked more than once along the mirrors in my house.

"Look at yourself," I said in a humiliating tone, "and see how I see you mat-thew".

Again my slave moaned. If possible, there was even more dickmeat forced through the CB-holes. Even when I loosened the rope, the compressed and excited cock held the CB straight forward. Obviously we walked more than really needed along my mirrors. And when his response was not horny enough to me, I gave a short vicious tug on the dickleash.

"I’m going to have a shower. I feel i need iT from the trip, "I said more to myself than to him. Still, I pulled him with me into the bathroom.

"Lie down" I commanded him and pulled once again the rope. Matty said nothing, but a little horny sob escaped his throat. Obviously he guessed what was coming.

"First on your stomach, I do not want you to see me undress." The slave rolled awkwardly on his belly and pushed his ass up, to soothen the pressure of his weight on the filled and exited CB.

"No," I corrected, "Did I say: keep your ass up?” Firm I pressed my foot on his silly buttocks in order to get his crotch on the ground. 

"Thank you Mistress," groaned the slave of pain, "thank you."

Within no time, I was naked.

"Close your eyes and turn around again," I commanded.

Matty squeezed his eyes and had, however clumsy, reversed himself in no time. His breathing was rapid, with an occasional moan, I then smothered again with a jerk at the dick leash. The CB/flesh-combination was now really looking awkward and painful. 

Without any further notice I crouched over his face and emptied myself.

"Keep your eyes closed," I said, but matty was no longer with usMy action was too much for the slave. Right through the must-be enormous discomfort of the CB, he came. I saw one horny wave followed the other, which I at the end prolonged by pulling the rope.

"Very good of you to close your eyes," I praised my orgasm rushed dog and tugged once again. The man shivered and an identifying sound came from deep in his throat. Poor sod.  

I didn’t give him too much time to revive from his orgasm and pushed him away with my foot from the shower area. There he laid, and there he still unmoved was after I finished my refreshing shower.

I tucked myself in a bath towel, stepped over him into the Next play toom , where he had placed my suitcase on the bed. I immediate found what I was looking for and walked back to the bathroom.

"Here," I said and threw one of the keys of the chastity belt in the wet area. "Liberate your cock, your hands remain bound, and tidy-up yourself and the bathroom."

Slowly matty came to life. It was clear to him, the Mistress was home.

Dominatrix Lisa