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Upside down!

Dominatrix Lisa


A while ago I got an appointment with Dominatrix Lisa for a session in her Antwerp Studio. Like Her, I have a bit of a Latex fetish and She is always willing to dress in something shiny for me. I don't even have to ask for it, She knows. So, on my trip in I started to fantasise about what She would be wearing this time. Thinking of Her always makes my imagination run wild as I secretly have a crush her. She has such extraordinary beauty and a wonderful personality. Next to that, She is as funny as women come. If I would think I'd stand I chance I would go for it, but She is clearly out of my league.

When I arrived at the Antwerp Studio, I parked my car and hurried to the door. I was late due to traffic and knew that my Goddess would not appreciate that. I rang the bell and the door was opened by Mistress Herself in what I can only describe Her sexiest latex pair of pants She has ever owned. She wore a hot latex top and some long latex Opera gloves. I dropped to the floor and kissed Her high heeled Louboutins while apologising for being late.

She told me that it was alright; but that I consequently had to be punished for leaving Her waiting and She asked me a number between 10 and 20. Not wanting to be greedy nor childish I said 18, already knowing that this was the number of punishments She was going to administer to me. The only question was: How?

She chased me up the semi-helical stairs to the first floor and told me to get changed in my Latex outfit. I did as quickly as I could and a few minutes later I stood dressed in my new latex pants, shirt and mask. She told me that She loved my new trousers and asked if I liked her new ones. I said I loved them as they fit so perfectly and were impeccably shiny and added that I loved everything She wore. She smiled and said she had it made tailor-made, which I believed immediately as the trousers fitted to every part of Her hot well-formed body. And those legs; Man if you have ever seen such an undercarriage dressed in Latex, You have seen a piece of heaven. They go on and on and on for miles. The song of ZZ-top springs to mind (She's got the Legs, and She knows how to use them).

Nevertheless it was time to stop the chitchat as Mistress told me to stand in the middle of the room and to assume the punishment position. I did as I was told and spread my legs and folded my hands behind my head. "What was your answer again on my question for a number between 10 and 20?" She asked. I said sixteen Mistress, hoping that I would get away with it. "Well, well well," She said, "that little lie just bought you another 12 repetitions, making your punishment number 30 today." Immediately I felt the pain of a paddle on my Latex-clad ass and She continued until I had counted thirty hits on my then sore buttocks. The thing about Latex is that it doesn't dampen the force of a hit, so the full force is transmitted to your skin. Maybe that is the reason why it is called second skin, I thought. But I didn't have much time to ponder as my backside was now forcefully touched by a pair of floggers. Mistress Lisa was punishing me with two floggers at the same time, while I was trying to keep track of the count. At 30 I really felt relieved that I managed to endure as I felt the point approaching that I needed to scream.

While Mistress smoothly caressed my bum, to ease away a bit of the pain, She whispered in my ear that She wanted to break me today as She had never done before and asked me if I had a problem with that. I responded that I was all Hers and that She could do to me whatever She wanted. "Fine", She shouted in my ear, "Right Answer.Walk to the hoist!" At the hoist, Shelowered the bar that was hanging from it. "Put up your arms", She said and bound my hands to the bar with leather straps.She then hoisted the bar to the level where I needed to tiptoe.

Then She walked away to exchange the floggers for something else. In my head, I felt anxious, what method She would use this time to torture me, as I am not much of a Masochist, but more of a Fetishist. But when She came back, nothing happened and She came standing so close behind me that I could feel her breasts poking in my back and heard the rubber of her outfit rubbing against mine. Oh man, this was so sexy and my manhood stretched the rubber of my pants to the maximum. It wanted to come out without Herpermission and I feared that it would not please Mistress if it did. She walked around me and noticed the attempted breakout. "Hmmm", She softly said, "It seems you are really, really happy to see me". "Yes Mistress", I stammered, "I am always happy to see You,You make my World turn Upside Down when I see you. Especially when You are dressed like that". "Is that so?", She asked and started to rub my dick through the latex trousers I wore. "Yes Mistress."I answered while concentrating on keeping my cock under control. "OK, then show me", Mistress said while opening my zipper and allowing my penis to pop out for a bit of fresh air. "Hmmm", She said, "I do believe you" as my Mr. Johnson stood proudly in a 45 degrees upright position. "Let's get the boys out", She continued as She grapped my balls in the pants and twisted them a few timesaround before allowing them freedom in the open as well. I now stood there on my toes in her dungeon with my crown jewels in a ready to go position.

"Oh, what is that then?", She asked and I didn't know what She was talking about. "It seems to me that your filthy mind has created so much tension in your prostate that your pathetic little cock is shedding a pre-cum tear. We can't have you spoiling my studio, now can we?" "No Mistress, my apologies, but I can't help it". "Well then I need to help you, don't I?" She said and removed the pre-cum with her gloved fingers and put them in my mouth. "Now clean my goddess fingers from your filthy slave milk Slut." I did as I was told and sucked her right hand fingers one by one, removing my own juices. She then got a condom and put it over my dick to prevent dripping on the floor. She then opened my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles. She walked to the back out of my sight and let me stand there in this humiliating pose.

Then, without warning, I heard a whipping sound and simultaneously I felt a very much concentrated and vicious pain on my left buttock. "ONE", I counted with a loud voice. "Hahahahaha, You little whimp", Mistress laughed, "I told you I was going to crack you" and a second time the Russian Whip cracked and hit my right buttock. "TWO", I shouted suppressing the pain as much as I could. "NONONO, I am still at one", Mistress said and I realised that She would administer 30 hits on each buttock. I knew that I was not going to last as the licks of the whip started to get more painful at each hit. By the time we were halfway, I screamed and squirmed in all directions to avoid the licks of the whip touching the same piece of ass twice. I didn't help. Then Shestopped. "You pathetic little worm, stop squirming and spread your legs." I did as I was told and She bound my ankles with a spreader bar to keep my legs apart. She then continued until She had used the whip 60 times on my ass. I wasn't counting anymore as I lost control at 20 and She lowered me down to the floor. As I lay there to catch my breath, She removed the hook of the hoist and attached it to the ankle spreader bar. She then hoisted me up, legs first, until I was completely of the floor and hanging in the air. She removed the bar from my wrist straps and started to rotate me. "Now I am really turning your world upside down", She said while I felt the blood rushing to my head. Strangely it did not come from the most likely place in my body as my cock remained rock hard. She lowered my pants to its intended positon and closed the buttons and zipper, while leaving my family jewels hanging out."Now, don't you go anywhere OK?" She said, "I'll be right back, so hang on", as if I had any choice at all in the matter.

While Mistress was taking pictures and filming for her Facebook account, I was hanging from the ceiling as a latex pig that was about to be slaughtered. Then,She was walking away and returned wearing a strap on dildo. She walked over and kneeled at my face, where She rammed the strap on in my face and started to facefuck me until I gagged. "This is the one and only time I will ever kneel for you, do you understand that little slut?" I was trying to answer Her, but could not produce an intelligible noise with this end of rubber in my throat, but I guess She understood as She stopped. I regained my breath as the saliva poured from my lips in my nostrils and over my face to the floor.

She then removed the strap on and went back to the corner where the whips are stored. When She returned She operated the next means of torture in mid-air and I recognised the sweeping sound of a cane going through the air unhindered. My greatest fear became reality as the cane was no longer unhindered in its movement, but unleashed all the fury from its handler upon my ass. Again the Latex pants, now firmly around my ass did not dampen the blow and I felt the most painful blow I ever had. "ONE, Thank you Mistress" I screamed from the top of my lungs. "TWO, Thank you Mistress", "THREE", by now I was not able to be polite anymore and continued only to count. After five strokes Mistress stopped, came over and caressed my butt, telling me that She didn't want to do this, but had to as part of my training. She continued and I continued to wail as the first tears came from my eyes and started to roll over my forehead to the floor. At 10 She stopped again. Relieving the pain a bit with caressing touches of Her hands and comforting words, but She continued nevertheless. At 12 I thought that it could have been over If I had said 12 instead of 18 and had not lied later on, but She kept going. "FIFTEEN" I screamed and once again She allowed me to regain my breath. "I do feel so sorry for you Sletteke, but I need to do this for your own good", She lied in my ear. I did believe her though as She had 100% control over me now. So She continued in series of 5 until She had reached 30. Thankfully She had taken over counting as I had stopped at 16, not being able to continue.

She then lowered me down carefully and while I was still sobbing, She removed the spreader bar from my ankles and told me to walk to the mirror, take my pants of carefully and watch my ass. "Now, your ass has been signed by me, which means that Your Ass is Mine from now on, do you understand Sletteke?" "Yes Mistress", I answered, "My ass belongs to You". "Right and don't you ever forget it, you hear? Now get to the sling and prepare for your reward my little handpuppet." "Yes Mistress", I said and hoisted myself into the sling careful not the sit on my bum in doing so. Mistress rewarded me lavishly and made me forget all about my ass for a while. I was remembered about it while getting in my car to drive the long way home. I certainly did not forget to whom my ass belonged as I had to stop and recover every 30 miles. The homebound trip never took so long.