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Kidnap Part 3

Dominatrix Lisa


No answer.

“Hello?  Mistress?”

Nothing.  She was gone.  All he could hear was the rush of blood to his ears, the pulsing flowing around his body, his rock hard cock straining against the crotch of his worn blue jeans.  He didn't know how long he stayed there.  It could’ve been an hour.  Maybe more.  But Mistress came back.  She always comes back.

Untied from the tree, he was once again bundled into the back of the car, and before he knew it, his trousers were down and the sack was lifted up above his mouth.  Eyes still covered, a long, thick, smooth strap-on was forced into his mouth.  Gagging, he could feel his Mistress’ legs around his head, all of his senses were tingling, and suddenly she grabbed his hard dick, pumping it up and down.  He couldn’t hold it for much longer.  He was going to blow his load all over the car while gagging on the strap-on that she had on, which she was thrusting deep into his throat.  20 seconds later, he came all over her perfect latex-covered hands, not being able to control himself any more.

“Good boy” she purred.

Breathing heavily, his mind not being able to concentrate on anything else but the pleasure that was flooding his body, his Mistress pulled his jeans back on and started the car.  5 minutes later, the car came to a stop, his hands and feet promptly untied, and he was led back to the same bench that he sat on a few hours earlier.

“Don’t turn around, you naughty naughty boy.  See you soon…”

With that, the sack came off, and she was gone.  It took his eyes a few seconds to adjust to his surroundings, and to realise that his hat was next to him on the bench.  With a quick shake of his head, and a whole weight lifted off his shoulders, he got up and started the long walk home with a skip in his step and a slight limp from his sore, empty cock.  What an incredible night he just had.  He couldn’t wait to see Her again…