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Kidnap Part 1

Dominatrix Lisa

Ever wondered what it would be like to be completely and utterly helpless?  To be under the control of another human being, with no idea of what is going to happen?  Let me take you on a little journey, an insight of what it’s like to be kidnapped by a beautiful Mistress and her team of helpers…

After a long week at work, Tom was beginning to feel the need to release some stress.  A powerful manager at a bank, he was always in control, always thinking, and he was in desperate need of letting off some steam.  He had heard of this beautiful Mistress in town that might be able to help him in his hour of need, of a session unlike no other, where he would let go of all of his control, and give it over to the one person who knew what to do with it.

A time and a place was set.  A cold bench, in a deserted park late one Friday evening.  What to wear?  Tom thought to himself.  This was his first time, and he was very nervous.  He settled on some comfortable jeans, a sweater and a warm jacket.  He was told to wear a red baseball hat, so that he would be recognisable, and he dug deep in his closet to find a faded old Yankees baseball cap.

As he walked to the park, he already started to feel the release of the pressure of his week.  His shoulders started to relax, his breathing became slower and his step became lighter.  He felt a stirring in his pants at what was to come - the anticipation was building, and he was beginning to get excited.  He had made sure he was early.  He didn’t want to disappoint his Mistress.  He knew that he would be punished if he did so, and as 8 o’clock came nearer, he was already sitting on the bench.

8 o’clock came and went.  2 minutes.  5 minutes.  With every passing minute Tom became more and more nervous.  Am I in the right place?  Is this the right bench?  Please God let this be the right time.  What he didn’t know was that his Mistress was watching him very closely, purposefully making him wait on the cold, hard bench.  By now, the nervousness, anticipation and excitement was making him hard.  He knew deep down that she would come, and waiting for her was making him even more aroused.

To be continued...