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I did it again!

Dominatrix Lisa

The reencounter…

I had to see her again, since the last time I could not think about anything else.

Mistress Lisa was on my mind all the time from morning to night… She has taken over my mind completely!!! Don´t know what to do because it affects me in a way that I lose total control of myself, of my life, of everything. I realize that Mistress Lisa has it all!! She controls it, even far away, she has me, she has total control of me!! And I fucking love it!! Iclose my eyes to absorb what I know is coming… I just want to absorb the eroticism of the moment, I can feel it, I know what's coming, is penetrating my mind, transporting me to another place, another paradise inside my own head. And I love when she fucks with my mind… and believe me not everybody can do that, that’s a magic spot, just someone brilliant enough can have the talented gift to be able to enter there… And she does!!! And does it so well!!!! Because whoever can fuck my mind, can fuck with my body and will own my soul.

I always let my mind flow with my thoughts, it’s her… her fault… I just wanted to tell my story, but I just can’t start it just like that!! It’s too strong!! IT´S HERRRRRR!!!! She’s all over me!!! Mind, body and soul… It’s her!!!! I even feel her breath on my neck…it’s her… It’s too strong to ignore, too powerful.Her body around me, taking possession of my thoughtsand her hands have not even touched me yet… It´s herrrrrrrr!!

Mistress Lisa, can I tell my, our story? Pleaseeeeeeee?? Thank you Mistress!! Thank you Mistress!! Thank you!!!!

I made another appointment with the Goddess andelectrifying Mistress Lisa,because I couldn’t wait no longer. I wanted to see that sexy cigarette burning in front of me! I wanted to be her ashtray, give her the pleasure of making my mouth all dirty, and see thatnaughty smile in that beautiful and majestic face.

I´ve decided to give her a call, and not playingaround like the last time that I pretended to be a man, this time I said it was me, Mia! Not fooling around, I’ve learned my lesson. Never try to foolMistress, specially Mistress Lisa!!

When she picked up the phone with her sexy voice and her sexy accent that drives me completely crazyyyyyyyy, I was shaking all over, just remembering the last time she made me cum so hard for her, that my legs start shaking immediately. I could not speak properly, my voice trembled.  Mistress Lisa promptly realized what was happening, and said with all the calm in the world: “Don’t be nervous Mia, save all your fears and feelings,because I want to absorb all of them into me!”

Fuckkkkkkkkkkk she knows it, everything (the mind controls everything) sometimes I’m afraid… Sometimes Mistress Lisa seems like she studies your mind, to see how you react, how you interact, how far you will go, how much you can handle. Fuckkkkkkkk she knows how to play the game, she holds all the cards andreceive the credits!!! There is no going back. And then…..When you realize, ohhhhh boy!!!! It´s a poker night…

I’m all innnnnnnnn…

So after our talk on the phone we decided to meet two days later at dinner time, because my husband was going to have a business dinner on that night,and when that happens he arrives quite late, so I hadall the time in the world to meet her. Hope this time she was not so rough with me and would not put so many marks on my body. I had troubles trying toexplain to my husband how Igot those the last time… It was not easy. But it’s always so fucking exciting just to think about that… We decided that we were going to dinner together before the session, have a normal talk, like we used to on the phone, but this time was Mistress Lisa who fool me.

But let´s start from the beginning…

The day had finally arrived, and I was sooooooanxious about it!!! Couldn’t think about anything else, just of Mistress Lisa, how would she dress for dinner? I bet she would be stunning, marvelous, a real diva like always… Ohhhhhh God save meeeeeeee!!!! Just thinking about it my heart beats so fast and my breath starts to accelerate more and more!! I just want to touch myself!!! NOOOOOOOOO I can’t!!!! You see, it´s HERRRRRRR it´s her fault!!!!!Hihi.

Finally, my husband went out for his meeting, I waited just 10 minutes and left, I couldn´t wait any longer, it was toooooo strong!!! I got into my car and drove so fast, but that’s the way I like it, to live on the edge, I like to keep my adrenaline high! And with Lisa my red line is at the top of the top’s!! I´m not afraid of pain like most of people do, I fucking love it, cause with that I can have the real pleasure that most of you don´t understand and never will, and especially will never feel… She takes care of me, and makes me a better person, with a betterpersonality. I see her as my other half and I can´t exist and feel complete without her… Hope I made myself clear?! She respects me, she knows my limits, because we all have our limits,right? The physical and psychological well-being between us is magical, and the connectionwhen we are together isextremely important. And we have such strong affective ties… Most of you don´t understand, I would trust my life in her hands… Real trust, devotion, submission, pain and ecstasy, pure ecstasy all over my body!!!

That’s my Goddess, Mistress Lisa.

I want toget back to the dinner, but its herrrrrrrrrrrshe’s sooooostrong so powerful…

Ok another thing, I´m learning with Mistress Lisa, to control my mind, so here we go…

I was driving, speeding as usual, anxious to meet heragain and have a marvelous dinner and then have a session that would satisfy my deepest and darkest desires.

We decided to meet at the restaurant at 7pm, it was only 6pm and I would only take 20 minutes’maximum to get there but the anxiety had taken over me, that I could not control my body anymore! My mind was already at that dinner with her, in that dungeon with her… Ohhhhhhh FUCKKKKKKK it’s herrrrrrr again!!!!

I got there was 6:15pm, Jesussssssss was way toosoon, I´ve asked to the waiter for the reservation from Lisa, sit down and ordered aGin and Tonic which I loveeeeee, but I wanted to drink it fast because when my Mistress, my Diva arrived I wanted to have 2 Dry Martini’s waiting for her…

Finally,she arrived, and OMG she was unbelievably beautiful, I was amazed how lucky I was, because how many people would love to be in my place, and I was the lucky bastard, to have dinner with such a beautiful, intelligent and extraordinary woman!!

She gave me a big hug and God her perfume was sooooooo good, I got a thing for perfumes, I love smells, and let me tell you, her is simply divine!!! ;)

We sit down, her drink was ready, mine too, but I had already drink 2 Gin’s and Tonic, so this was the 3rddrink….We were talking, laughing, and we asked for another drink… Ohhhhhhboyyyyy!!!! J

That was when she got me, and said: “Let´s make a toast!” Yeahhhhh sure!!!! Then Mistress Lisa said: “Our games will start now Miss Mia…” Ohhhhhhhhfuckkkkkkkk, but wasn’t this supposed to be a dinner and after was the beautiful “mind fuck” part? Hummmmmm this is getting interesting!! She said: “I’ve have here with me, on my bag, a vibrator that stimulates your Clit and your G-spot at the same time and has a wireless remote control where I will be the one that is going to keep it!! Now GOOOOOO to the bathroom and put it on under your panties and get ready, because this is going to be the best and worst dinner of your life!!!” Ohhhhhh this is going to be fun!!!! Will she make me cum in that room full of people having dinner?! Fuckkkkkkkk I’m not gagged,and even gagged they would hear me, I do moan loud!!!! They will kick us out!! Ohhhh in that moment I realized the training part of the auto control… This was part of it, but Jesus couldn´t it be a little bit less difficult? I think Mistress Lisa wanted to have fun, and took advantage of me, and that made me even more horny!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!I have to calm down I can´t be so horny like that… Me and my fucking perverted body and perverted mind!!! FuckkkkkkMiaaaaaaa control yourselfffffffff!!!!!!

I went to the bathroom and put the vibrator inside ofme, it had the shape of a hook, one part I put it inside of me, touching my G-spot and the other part was in contact with my clit, it was the perfect size because it would touch it sooooo perfectly!!! Ohhhhhboyyyyy I´m fucked!!!! I put my panties on, dressed myself and started to walk in the direction of our table. Lisa was with a naughty smile, so immediately I knew what she was going to do… She turned the vibrator on but the power was so strong that my legs trembled ina way that I almost lost control of them… She let out a loud laugh! She is mean, but I admit it´s so hot!!!

I got to the table and sit down, and she said: “Did you like it Miss Mia? Hope you did because during dinner you will feelthat a lot of times!!” OMG how will I take it??? Will she make me cum on that table with everybody next to us?!

We had already eaten the entries, so Mistress Lisa called the waiter and ordered our dinner, she was the one that chose the dinner, I trusted her marvelous good taste... I was going to eat the same as her, or thought I would be able to…

While we were waiting for our food and talking a bit she decided to turn it on again andFUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK I gave a kind of a jump of my chair as if I had been electrocuted! I wasn’texpecting that at all!!! Ohhhhh but it felt soooogood!!!! Jesussssssssafter a few seconds, or more, I have no sense of the time, another one, again POWER ONNNNNN, I started to grab the table cloth and twists it, and put my cloth napkin on my mouth and bite it, not to moan in that restaurant full of people!!!

That was making me so fucking horny, the fact of having everybody around us, looking at us, to get caught, and everybody thinking that I was a fucking pervert… Ohhhhhh that’s even more exciting!!!! And Lisa knows it, and she enjoys it!! Just between us I think she might be even more perverted then I am…Ohhhhfuckkkkk I’m dripping!!!

Finally, the dinner arrived, and I was starving!! I looked around and saw that people were looking at us, at me, with a different look… Ohhhhh boy, don’t you tell me that they understood that something was going on… That’s nasty, but deep inside, I fucking love it!! The waiter started to serve us, I just wanted to eat something because I knew the night was going to be long so better eat now cause latter, I don’t think so… lol

I waited for Mistress Lisa to start eating first, because she is always my first priority, after she started I was allowed to start too. The food was soooooo good and the company for me was like a dream come true… I still could not believe how lucky I was to be there with my goddess, with my everything! I just wanted feel used, I was missing that, and I still am… I always want more, I’m never satisfied. I never see the end of this, it ain’tpassing by. You know I want tofeel her kisses, I wish I could feel her lips… The texture must be sooooo amazing and so marvelous, sweet, soft, wet, but at the same time hot like pepper!! It would burn so fucking much that I would want to run away, but then I would come back like a little pet begging for more… FUCKKKKKKKKK she got meeeeee!!!! She got me really good!!

Let me focus on the dinner, it’s hard right? Yeah, but I’m being trained, Mistress Lisa is training my mind to be focus, cause the mind controls everything!!!!

We just had started to eat, everything was so good, until Mistress Lisa started to look at me with a naughty smile, and Iimmediately understood whatshe was going to do, I tried to prepare myself but it was impossible!!!!

This time when she turned on the power it was so strong that I kicked the table unintentionally… The power was toooooo strong, I could not control my movements, Jesusssssssmy muscles were throbbing, my nerves were trembling,I could not control my body, she could!! She was in charge!!!She left the power on, but with a little less intensity, but still I could not take it much longer, I would cum and I would not take long to get there…

I was closing my legs hard trying to fight what was impossible to, she was looking into my eyes, ohhhhhhfuckkkkkpleaseeeeee don’t do thatttttt!!!!! That’s sooooo fucking hot and she knows it!!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKK!!! She had that naughty smile,it is sooooooo irresistible!!!! I can’t control myself… Why am I like this?! This flame that burns inside of me never ends, with just one breath, I'm locked in. It's almost shocking! I´m not scared, my heart my mind my soul my body, she knows me…She can have me any time she wants, I belong to her, and it makes me feel alive whilealso feeling vulnerable, which I love… This is the place where I lose my fears!! Reckless behavior…This is my paradise and my war zone!!! A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw. This is my world…

She increases the power of the vibrator and I can´t take it anymore, I’m starting to feel the temperatureof my body really high, it’s getting really hot, my face must be changing color, I feel the blood coming up…Ohhhh God, it won’t take long, it’s coming, she will make me have an orgasm right in the middle of the restaurant, full of people that already knew that something was going on… But at this point,I want it, I need it and I have to have it!! The adrenaline is high and that beautiful toy is touching on my clit and vibrating so hard that I can’t stop moving, ohhhhhhfuckkkkk I wan’t it soooooo bad!!! PleaseeeeeMistress don’t turn it off cause it’s coming… Ohhhhhh it’s coming!!!! I can’t stay still, looking into her eyes, ohhhhhhh don’t do that pleaseeeee!!! I feel so powerless, I have no control at all of all the situation, ohhhhhh I love it, it turns me on sooooomuch!!!! I grab the table cloth again and I twist it so hard that the dishes almost fell on the floor, ohhhhhhGod that is going to be a big one… Immediately I put the cloth napkin on my mouth and bite it so hard, not to moan in a restaurant full of people!! But in vain…People were looking incredulously to what washappening at the table. And I don’t judge them beause I would look too, but probably would touch myself, cause I’m a fucking pervert!!!! Haha ;)

My legs started to shake, I was so out of control that I was drooling in the corner of my mouthand had not even realized that… GODDDDDD save meeeeeeeeeeee this is tooooomuchhhhhhh!!!! I can’t take it, she kills me!!! Ohhhhhfuckkkkkkk I love it!!!! This turns me so fucking much!! My Mistress, my Goddess was going to give me an enormous orgasm right in front of a room full of people and she was having a blast with it. Ohhhh I couldn’t control myself, and it came, I’ve let myself goooooo, no more torture, I accepted andsurrendered,I could not take it anymore! Theheat begins to increase, but it was a great sense of physical pleasure. I started to feel involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscles. Was the stimulation of the clit and the stimulation of the G-spot, ohhhh God this was going to be a big one!!! TO BE CONTINUED!