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Sometimes ...

Dominatrix Lisa

Volumes of anticipation, kicking the butterflies in my stomach building the excitement as I knock against a solitary door.

An echo of determined steps of clicking stiletto heels on a marble floor , as the noise gets closer excitement overloads my senses and my palms begin to sweat as the door opens.

Where I’m greeted by the most beautiful slender figure and magnetic eyes, nor one word is uttered just a movement of mistresses hand as I’m beckoned to follow.

Once the door closes ,Mistress shows me her dungeon of sinful desire, do you know what you’re here for slave mistress utters seductively.

Yes mistress

Would you like to be clad in latex or leather mistress asks , pointing to the room for changing.

Latex mistress I say . As mistress turns so does the strapon to her body , seeing that I noticed she moves in closer clasping it in one hand.

I know you want this slave and I’m gonna take my sweet time, as I open u up slowly teasing u first with my latex gloves, good for you that the latex suit you’re gonna wear is adapted for such hedonistic pleasure I’m about to give you , now go change.

Yes mistress as I run to the changing area, wondering what my first dominatrix session is gonna be like.

Walking back totally changed an slightly awkward, still salivating as I prepare to do all that is commanded of me.

Mistress commands me to lay down on the rubber covered bed. As I lay on my stomach arms by my side adrenaline an natural dopamine floods my mind, as mistress stand above me, strapon clad to her shegod beauty.

We’ll use this first mistress whispers while attaching a ball gag to my face.

Yes mistress I say hurriedly before me she attaches it, thinking to myself how is mistress gonna hear my Basil Faulty safe word with this ball gag on my face.

Now press your face into the bed slave arms behind your back , while I bind your hands, which ramps up the excitement making mistress more dominant she makes the binds .... tight.

With your hands now bound keep your face on the bed and push your knees up to your chest and show me your ass.

Yes mistress.

As she does this she slaps my arse and I moan which mistress shouts, no talking.

To which I nod my head.

I’m gonna open you up now slave n then fuck u , do you want that slave?

Yes mistress,

Applying lube to her latex clad hand she slowly pushes into me whilst slapping the strapon to my leg.

Shhh mistress says no talking , I nod my head.

Mistress then rotated from slapping my leg with the strapon to caressing my balls and throbbing member, speeding up now mistress begins to slam her knuckles against my buttcheeks opening me up more.

Do u like this bitch hummmm mistress says

Yes mistress

Pulling her hand away and slapping my ass one last time mistress moves in closer and whispers , I’m gonna fuck you now bitch , you want that don’t you bitch,

Yes mistress

Moving in behind me lathering the strapon and me with lube whilst attaching a collar and lead to my neck , pulling on the lead slightly so my back arches.

Grabbing the strapon with one hand the lead in the other pulling my head Back mistress enters me then back out in out repeatedly

Your open now slave do you want more she says slowing down

Yes mistress

I say pushing back into the strapon with the next stroke taking it deeper each time with each thrust making me groan

QUIET mistress shouts forcing herself deeper into me, pulling on the lead tighter pounding harder and harder choking me sending me into higher levels of a trance like bliss, as I push back into each thrust slapping body to body.

You are my slave no aren’t you bitch.

Yes mistress.

As our bodies collide in unison milking my prostate as I build to an almighty climax and cum mistress carries on

Who’s slave are u?

Your slave mistress

Who’s bitch are u?

Your bitch mistress

Moaning loader mistresss stops, as I quiver Brad’s of sweat running everywhere, as I try to compose myself from an amazing orgasm,

Mistress moves to the side of me as I look up at her,she then moved closer and slaps  my cheek, and whisper to my ear, next time I’ll be less forgiving with you.

To which I look up in amazement



Was it all a dream ?

Dominatrix Lisa

We had agreed to meet in a classy restaurant - Mistress Lisa and myself. It was our first meeting but I thought I knew her for some time now. I did tell her in an email about my fetish for chastity play and humiliation and that I would follow her in her commands to whatever depth she would take me to. 
Oh my foolish self! Had I known what was to come - what I was to become that night. She had ordered me to pick her up in a classy restaurant downtown and to come with my chastity belt worn. When arriving I had to surrender the keys to her immediatly - no questions asked. And I did just that. I handed her the keys to my metal prison when I shook her hand in greeting. Mistress Lisa looked at it and smiled wickedly. 
"Well well" she said still grinning "you are a naughty one. And I shall see that you will not never forget this night.". Those two little sentences of hers gave me goosebumps. No - I have to be precise - they gave me even more goosebumps then seeing her sitting there. She wore a tight leather pant and white silk blouse. Under the blouse there was a hint of dark bra - probably leather as well. And some extraordinary high heeled boots. In one word, she was breathtaking.
After a light dinner for which of course I did pay, we left the restaurant and she again grinned at me "Now comes the fun part she said" tapped the steel belt I wore and walked off indicating me to follow her.
As it was a warm night she did not wear a coat or jacket and I enjoyed watching her backside while she walked in front of me, leading me on into what I shall now call "the belly of the beast" - "the dark underworld of the city".
We walked through dark alleys and little streets. Only a little light here and there. The shadows creeping over the scenery and then a beam of light iluminating Mistress Lisa again. She checked for quite a few times that I was still with her. Leading me on into the maze of streets until we came to an entrance. It was her favourite public dungeon she said as we entered. The room was not big but crowded with people - mostly men I noticed and as the door shut behind me she did turn around and put a collar around my neck. 
"Come with me and not a word" she hushed into my ear. Then she lead me on a leash through the crowd towards the far end of the room. All eyes were on me... watching me... grinning as if they knew something. A door lead to another room and Mistress Lisa opened it as if she was a regular guest there. I was shoved through the door and she turned around and called into the room "Boys - I got you a surprise! He will serve as your slut tonight!"
Damn was I glad it was dark in there so none saw me turn beetroot-red. The door closed and Mistress Lisa locked it. "Take of your cloths" she ordered me in no uncertain terms. A whip that appeared as if out of nowhere in her hand enforced the command. I was undressed in 20 seconds flat. Only the steel chastity belt still around my waist and the collar on my neck.
She took a pair of handcuffs from her handbag and tied my hands behind my back. After that she pushed me to the left wall of the room. "Get on your knees boy" she breathed in my ear as she stood behind me. "It is time now you learn to be my toy. And my toys all suck dick."
I was pushed onto my knees by Mistress Lisa and then I noticed three holes in the wall in front of me. What did I got myself into here, I wondered. But it was to late. Already there appeared a cock in the center hole. "Get to work... and do it well" I heard Mistress Lisa say as she pushed my head onto the thick cock.
I chocked... sputtered.... tried to do my best... served all those cocks there... how many I do not recall but it must have been quite a few. 
For her... for Mistress Lisa. 
Oh and she enjoyed that night - enjoyed makeing me her socking toy.

My eyes shot open. I lay in my bed in the hotelroom. Was it all a dream? 
I am uncertain. I lay there in my bed, naked but in my locked chastity belt. Then my phone rang and I got a message from her. Just a single very explicit picture....

More bedtime stories

Dominatrix Lisa

My heart was pounding fast and in the dim light I saw this perfect shaped ass coming closer. I could see the shiny latex shimmer and she had the most amazing body, her long hair dancing on her back while she sat on my chest, bouncing a bit. Slowly her butt climbed onto my face, I could feel that warm butt capturing my mouth as I tried to get some air. My pants was getting to tight when I felt her buttcheeks pressing my lips together. I wanted to touch her with my hands but they were all tied up ...


to be continued

The Contract

Dominatrix Lisa

Chilling in London sitting  in my penthouse suit,  slowly pulling up my stocking. With a big cleavage  black, hauled leather dresses I'm waiting for my next slave . The view from the ceiling-high windows is breathtaking. It rings .... I  light a cigarette and take a deep zip with pleasure. Meanwhile, 15 minutes after ringing passed. My pure-sex Louboutin standing in front of me, I slip first with the one foot then with the other in and and walk so slowly to  the door. In front of me stands a man, at my sight he falls to his knees and lowers his gaze "My mistress," I observe him.  In my right hand I lift the cigarette and he immediately forms his hands to a bowl and catches my ashes  "thank you mistress". Without a word, I turn around and go into the suit, he creeps on his  knees behind me "undress yourself !" I command him. The man, who was otherwise full of pride and power, now kneels before me, his outer caramel skin, his trained body all for my pleasure now . Tik, tok, Tik, tok echoes at every step of me. "Let's see what I have in my toy box" and grab the big black strap-on. "Go to the window!". He crawls nervously to the window and looks out, his eyes always flitting to the right side building. I laugh "Are you afraid someone sees you here?" He answers nervously "Yes, Mistress", the fear and excitement is written in his face. "Well, then to the window!" The strap-on is now strapped, I  let my hand glide up and down. He gazed at me as if he were stuck ... tik.tok..Tik..tok stand before him, take his chin up and let him blow the strap. My hips fuck his throat  as I lower and push him until he strangles. Now I turn him to the window "So now your ass!", He stretches it towards me.He looks anxiously out of the window again. Since I am in a good mood I work his asshole with some lubricant and penetrate with a violent jerk into him. Push him  deeper, ever more violently, he moans with pleasure and pain. Forgetting is the fear of being seen. Abruptly I stop and pull the strap out "Enough for today! "Mistress, I have a request"

REQUEST? I sit there silent looking at him let him. "I am thinking about whether you are worthy of being my slave!" Later in the evening, I hold a contract in my hands and wonder if he's useful enough 

The contract
This is the contract between Mistress Lisa and slave number 005 ....
1. The slave has to pay a monthly tribute of at least € *** 
2. The Mistress gets a card for his account and has access to it at any time.
3. The slave always obeys the mistress, and will adore her and carry her on her hands.
4. If the mistress should be in a bad mood, she can lift her spirit  any time on his suffer and costs .
If the slave  not obeying  and do what she asked, he will be punished as the mistress considers it appropriate.
6. The slave serves only his mistress and is always keen to make the mistress happy
He puts the needs of his mistress over his own.
7.The slave will not be around  other women. He serves exclusively his mistress.
If he fails to do so he will be punished.
8. The slave accepts all the punishments and humiliations from the mistress
9. The slave is completely owned by his mistress . All his belongings he gives to his mistress.
10. The mistress will never be questioned
11. The slave has no rights
12. The slave never complains.
13.All what happens and is carried out is agreed
14. The mistress has the right at any time to withdraw from the contract against the slave only with a punish fee!

To be continued 

Coming Home

Dominatrix Lisa

The Mistress’ homecoming


Although my hours were paid, there was a no-show. So I was bored in my Dubai apartment and messaged one of my loyal slaves.

"matty, come in.” 

I didn’t expect a quick answer, busy as this dog of my is with his work. But almost immediately popped on my screen: "Mistress, your matty is at your disposal".

"Call me," I messaged back. This took a while, but when the phone rang. I answered, but said nothing.

"Yes Mistress," his voice trembled, "your matty'shere. What can I do for you?"

"I want you to go to the nearest toilet, to jerk off while I Listen. Keep the line open and the phone to your ear while you're there. Now."

For a moment it remained silent on the Dutch side of the line. After an audible swallow, a small voice said: "Yes Mistress."

"Is it far to the bathroom?" I asked immediately.

"About 50 meters Mistress," I heard my trusty biped as he walking was audible.

"Are you hard matty? Is your little dicky hard boy?"

"Yes Mistress, for you, by you, always Mistress."

"Good. Are you there yet?"

matty moaned softly through the phone and nearly gasped, which was not due his walking effort: "Almost Mistress."

In the background I heard a door open and then immediately another door. Now the slave’s breathing sounded different, echo-like. "I am there Mistress. I am in one of the men's room."

"Well done. Strap your pants and underpants and stand sideways above the toilet bowl. I wait, but not too long. "

"Yes Mistress," answered the man, half-whispering, half-gasping with excitement. A horny wave of dominant excitement went through my body as I heard him undress.

"I am squatting as you commanded Mistress", it sounded soon.

"Hold the phone to your left ear, support with your elbow against the wall and take your cock in theright. But still, you aren’t doing anythong, holding only," I commanded.

"Oh Mistress," groaned the slave, "I do what you say, but ... but ..."

"No buts" I bitched amused, “do as I say, nothing more." For my fun I let him dangle for a while above that shit bowl of his employer’s toilet. Then: 

"Stroke yourself. Now. I want to see how fast this goes ... mat-thew". Hardly had I pronounced his real name, and the echoing moaning started.

"Oh Mistress Mistress ... oh ... Oh, oh, mh ... mmh, MHM"

His spastic aftershocks were almost to be seen right through the phone. I was amazed by the speed of his orgasm.

"Well mattythat was rather quick. Are you clean?"

"Not yet, Mistress," sobbed the slave. A few seconds later: "Are now Mistress, cleaned-up. Sort of."

"That was not what I asked, but anyway, good. Here's what you do. You buy a chastity belt and send me the confirmation of your order by Whatsapp. The type etc it is for you to figure out, but I want to know how many keys there are of the type you have chosen. In addition, strap it on, make a picture and send this also to me. After my approval you snailmail me by express ALL the keys to the address I will give you. "

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress, thank you", his breath sounded still short of his orgasm, but also full of admiration.

Four days later I was playing in my hotel room with two real keys and five plastic locks. I had no idea when I would return to Antwerp, let alone when mattys little dicky could be freed at the earliest, but I didn’t careMatty was glad that I had taken over the lust in his life, and that he, finally, would see me.

Four weeks after I received the keys, I landed at Zaventem, Brussels Airport. Once through customs I saw my slave waiting for me.

"Give me your car keys," I said soft but strict, "and hold your wrists to each other." A little disappointedand puzzled my slave did what he was told. I threw my coat over his arms and commanded him also to carry my heaviest suitcase. I gestured him to walk to a secluded corner and pulled a tie-rip out of my bag. Nobody really noticed us, and that was fine. 

"Offer your arms," I said.

With a wide-eyed bliss he did what he was told with my coat still draped over his armsSwiftly I slit under my coat and tied firmly his wrists to each other with the plastic tie. The man moaned with pleasure.

"Now we go to your car and make sure that the coat doesn’t fall off."

Within no time we were at my dungeon  in Antwerp. After he put my suitcase and jacket in the right places - again with a scene of awkward hassle, I have a lot of patience with him - I called him to me. My faithful dog wanted to go down on his knees, but I stopped him.

"Ah-ah, not yet," I said, "first undo your trousers and underpants." I grabbed a chair to have a good sight at the clumsy hassleMatty groaned, I guessed this was because his dick squeezed into the CB, but remarkably quick my slave was able to uncover his abdomen. As a roulade the flesh of his cock pressed through the open spaces of the CB. From one of my cupboards in the play room, I grabbed a rope, tied it to his chastity belt and led the man, naked from below and still with his hands tied, thru my apartment. So we walked more than once along the mirrors in my house.

"Look at yourself," I said in a humiliating tone, "and see how I see you mat-thew".

Again my slave moaned. If possible, there was even more dickmeat forced through the CB-holes. Even when I loosened the rope, the compressed and excited cock held the CB straight forward. Obviously we walked more than really needed along my mirrors. And when his response was not horny enough to me, I gave a short vicious tug on the dickleash.

"I’m going to have a shower. I feel i need iT from the trip, "I said more to myself than to him. Still, I pulled him with me into the bathroom.

"Lie down" I commanded him and pulled once again the rope. Matty said nothing, but a little horny sob escaped his throat. Obviously he guessed what was coming.

"First on your stomach, I do not want you to see me undress." The slave rolled awkwardly on his belly and pushed his ass up, to soothen the pressure of his weight on the filled and exited CB.

"No," I corrected, "Did I say: keep your ass up?” Firm I pressed my foot on his silly buttocks in order to get his crotch on the ground. 

"Thank you Mistress," groaned the slave of pain, "thank you."

Within no time, I was naked.

"Close your eyes and turn around again," I commanded.

Matty squeezed his eyes and had, however clumsy, reversed himself in no time. His breathing was rapid, with an occasional moan, I then smothered again with a jerk at the dick leash. The CB/flesh-combination was now really looking awkward and painful. 

Without any further notice I crouched over his face and emptied myself.

"Keep your eyes closed," I said, but matty was no longer with usMy action was too much for the slave. Right through the must-be enormous discomfort of the CB, he came. I saw one horny wave followed the other, which I at the end prolonged by pulling the rope.

"Very good of you to close your eyes," I praised my orgasm rushed dog and tugged once again. The man shivered and an identifying sound came from deep in his throat. Poor sod.  

I didn’t give him too much time to revive from his orgasm and pushed him away with my foot from the shower area. There he laid, and there he still unmoved was after I finished my refreshing shower.

I tucked myself in a bath towel, stepped over him into the Next play toom , where he had placed my suitcase on the bed. I immediate found what I was looking for and walked back to the bathroom.

"Here," I said and threw one of the keys of the chastity belt in the wet area. "Liberate your cock, your hands remain bound, and tidy-up yourself and the bathroom."

Slowly matty came to life. It was clear to him, the Mistress was home.

Dominatrix Lisa

Kidnap Part 3

Dominatrix Lisa


No answer.

“Hello?  Mistress?”

Nothing.  She was gone.  All he could hear was the rush of blood to his ears, the pulsing flowing around his body, his rock hard cock straining against the crotch of his worn blue jeans.  He didn't know how long he stayed there.  It could’ve been an hour.  Maybe more.  But Mistress came back.  She always comes back.

Untied from the tree, he was once again bundled into the back of the car, and before he knew it, his trousers were down and the sack was lifted up above his mouth.  Eyes still covered, a long, thick, smooth strap-on was forced into his mouth.  Gagging, he could feel his Mistress’ legs around his head, all of his senses were tingling, and suddenly she grabbed his hard dick, pumping it up and down.  He couldn’t hold it for much longer.  He was going to blow his load all over the car while gagging on the strap-on that she had on, which she was thrusting deep into his throat.  20 seconds later, he came all over her perfect latex-covered hands, not being able to control himself any more.

“Good boy” she purred.

Breathing heavily, his mind not being able to concentrate on anything else but the pleasure that was flooding his body, his Mistress pulled his jeans back on and started the car.  5 minutes later, the car came to a stop, his hands and feet promptly untied, and he was led back to the same bench that he sat on a few hours earlier.

“Don’t turn around, you naughty naughty boy.  See you soon…”

With that, the sack came off, and she was gone.  It took his eyes a few seconds to adjust to his surroundings, and to realise that his hat was next to him on the bench.  With a quick shake of his head, and a whole weight lifted off his shoulders, he got up and started the long walk home with a skip in his step and a slight limp from his sore, empty cock.  What an incredible night he just had.  He couldn’t wait to see Her again…

Kidnap Part 2

Dominatrix Lisa

Lost in his thoughts, and with the slow pulsing beginning to distract him in his trousers, the Mistress slowly got out of the car with a black sack in between her beautifully manicured fingers.  In her tight jeans and quilted riding boots, snuggly hugging her long, lean legs, she crept up behind him, and threw the bag over his head.  Suddenly there were hands all over him.  Touching him, restraining him, binding him.  It had begun.  And Tom was harder than he had ever been in his life.

“Is this what you want you little slut?"         

Tom groaned.  His Mistress’ voice purred all over his body, washing him in a feeling of warmth and apprehension. 

“Did I tell you to make a noise you little princess?”

Tom knew better than to disobey a second time.  He dutifully gave up all power, and let himself be led to the car.  Pushed in on his back, he was suddenly tied up, his hands and feet taped.  There was nowhere to go.  Tom concentrated on listening, but there was no other sound other than his own laboured breathing and the car revving up.  He couldn’t say how long he was in there for.  Maybe 5 minutes, maybe 15.  He didn’t care.  He could feel the stress leaving his body, a huge release that had been building for the past few days.  The feeling was unlike anything he had ever felt before.  It took everything he had not to moan out in pleasure, but he knew that he wasn’t allowed.  He didn’t want to find out what would happen if he did.

The car came to a screeching halt.  Tom’s breathing became heavier.  He knew something was happening.  Suddenly he was hauled out of the car and on to his feet.

“Walk, my little bitch.  And don’t stop until I tell you to.”

Before long, he was told to stop, turn around and spread his legs.  He was then promptly tied up to something, a tree, perhaps?  The binds were so tight, please mistress, he thought, not so tight, but of course, he was saying this all in his mind.  Suddenly something brushed against his crotch.  His erection was instant.  He couldn’t hold it much longer.  All of a sudden - WHACK - and he let out an uncontrollable gasp.

“Do you like to be kicked in the balls, my dirty little slut?  Is this what you want?”

Before he could answer - WHACK - and another groan.  Tom couldn’t help himself.  This was hotter than anything he could’ve ever imagined.  He had never felt like this before.  His head was spinning.  His balls were throbbing.  And then there was nothing.

To be continued...

Kidnap Part 1

Dominatrix Lisa

Ever wondered what it would be like to be completely and utterly helpless?  To be under the control of another human being, with no idea of what is going to happen?  Let me take you on a little journey, an insight of what it’s like to be kidnapped by a beautiful Mistress and her team of helpers…

After a long week at work, Tom was beginning to feel the need to release some stress.  A powerful manager at a bank, he was always in control, always thinking, and he was in desperate need of letting off some steam.  He had heard of this beautiful Mistress in town that might be able to help him in his hour of need, of a session unlike no other, where he would let go of all of his control, and give it over to the one person who knew what to do with it.

A time and a place was set.  A cold bench, in a deserted park late one Friday evening.  What to wear?  Tom thought to himself.  This was his first time, and he was very nervous.  He settled on some comfortable jeans, a sweater and a warm jacket.  He was told to wear a red baseball hat, so that he would be recognisable, and he dug deep in his closet to find a faded old Yankees baseball cap.

As he walked to the park, he already started to feel the release of the pressure of his week.  His shoulders started to relax, his breathing became slower and his step became lighter.  He felt a stirring in his pants at what was to come - the anticipation was building, and he was beginning to get excited.  He had made sure he was early.  He didn’t want to disappoint his Mistress.  He knew that he would be punished if he did so, and as 8 o’clock came nearer, he was already sitting on the bench.

8 o’clock came and went.  2 minutes.  5 minutes.  With every passing minute Tom became more and more nervous.  Am I in the right place?  Is this the right bench?  Please God let this be the right time.  What he didn’t know was that his Mistress was watching him very closely, purposefully making him wait on the cold, hard bench.  By now, the nervousness, anticipation and excitement was making him hard.  He knew deep down that she would come, and waiting for her was making him even more aroused.

To be continued...

Bed Time Stories

Dominatrix Lisa

A little news for you all…since I enjoy my sessions so much I have decided to start writing them down for you all to relish them with me.  Every so often there will be an update on my blog with a snippet of a story here and there… I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy giving them.

I did it again!

Dominatrix Lisa

The reencounter…

I had to see her again, since the last time I could not think about anything else.

Mistress Lisa was on my mind all the time from morning to night… She has taken over my mind completely!!! Don´t know what to do because it affects me in a way that I lose total control of myself, of my life, of everything. I realize that Mistress Lisa has it all!! She controls it, even far away, she has me, she has total control of me!! And I fucking love it!! Iclose my eyes to absorb what I know is coming… I just want to absorb the eroticism of the moment, I can feel it, I know what's coming, is penetrating my mind, transporting me to another place, another paradise inside my own head. And I love when she fucks with my mind… and believe me not everybody can do that, that’s a magic spot, just someone brilliant enough can have the talented gift to be able to enter there… And she does!!! And does it so well!!!! Because whoever can fuck my mind, can fuck with my body and will own my soul.

I always let my mind flow with my thoughts, it’s her… her fault… I just wanted to tell my story, but I just can’t start it just like that!! It’s too strong!! IT´S HERRRRRR!!!! She’s all over me!!! Mind, body and soul… It’s her!!!! I even feel her breath on my neck…it’s her… It’s too strong to ignore, too powerful.Her body around me, taking possession of my thoughtsand her hands have not even touched me yet… It´s herrrrrrrr!!

Mistress Lisa, can I tell my, our story? Pleaseeeeeeee?? Thank you Mistress!! Thank you Mistress!! Thank you!!!!

I made another appointment with the Goddess andelectrifying Mistress Lisa,because I couldn’t wait no longer. I wanted to see that sexy cigarette burning in front of me! I wanted to be her ashtray, give her the pleasure of making my mouth all dirty, and see thatnaughty smile in that beautiful and majestic face.

I´ve decided to give her a call, and not playingaround like the last time that I pretended to be a man, this time I said it was me, Mia! Not fooling around, I’ve learned my lesson. Never try to foolMistress, specially Mistress Lisa!!

When she picked up the phone with her sexy voice and her sexy accent that drives me completely crazyyyyyyyy, I was shaking all over, just remembering the last time she made me cum so hard for her, that my legs start shaking immediately. I could not speak properly, my voice trembled.  Mistress Lisa promptly realized what was happening, and said with all the calm in the world: “Don’t be nervous Mia, save all your fears and feelings,because I want to absorb all of them into me!”

Fuckkkkkkkkkkk she knows it, everything (the mind controls everything) sometimes I’m afraid… Sometimes Mistress Lisa seems like she studies your mind, to see how you react, how you interact, how far you will go, how much you can handle. Fuckkkkkkkk she knows how to play the game, she holds all the cards andreceive the credits!!! There is no going back. And then…..When you realize, ohhhhh boy!!!! It´s a poker night…

I’m all innnnnnnnn…

So after our talk on the phone we decided to meet two days later at dinner time, because my husband was going to have a business dinner on that night,and when that happens he arrives quite late, so I hadall the time in the world to meet her. Hope this time she was not so rough with me and would not put so many marks on my body. I had troubles trying toexplain to my husband how Igot those the last time… It was not easy. But it’s always so fucking exciting just to think about that… We decided that we were going to dinner together before the session, have a normal talk, like we used to on the phone, but this time was Mistress Lisa who fool me.

But let´s start from the beginning…

The day had finally arrived, and I was sooooooanxious about it!!! Couldn’t think about anything else, just of Mistress Lisa, how would she dress for dinner? I bet she would be stunning, marvelous, a real diva like always… Ohhhhhh God save meeeeeeee!!!! Just thinking about it my heart beats so fast and my breath starts to accelerate more and more!! I just want to touch myself!!! NOOOOOOOOO I can’t!!!! You see, it´s HERRRRRRR it´s her fault!!!!!Hihi.

Finally, my husband went out for his meeting, I waited just 10 minutes and left, I couldn´t wait any longer, it was toooooo strong!!! I got into my car and drove so fast, but that’s the way I like it, to live on the edge, I like to keep my adrenaline high! And with Lisa my red line is at the top of the top’s!! I´m not afraid of pain like most of people do, I fucking love it, cause with that I can have the real pleasure that most of you don´t understand and never will, and especially will never feel… She takes care of me, and makes me a better person, with a betterpersonality. I see her as my other half and I can´t exist and feel complete without her… Hope I made myself clear?! She respects me, she knows my limits, because we all have our limits,right? The physical and psychological well-being between us is magical, and the connectionwhen we are together isextremely important. And we have such strong affective ties… Most of you don´t understand, I would trust my life in her hands… Real trust, devotion, submission, pain and ecstasy, pure ecstasy all over my body!!!

That’s my Goddess, Mistress Lisa.

I want toget back to the dinner, but its herrrrrrrrrrrshe’s sooooostrong so powerful…

Ok another thing, I´m learning with Mistress Lisa, to control my mind, so here we go…

I was driving, speeding as usual, anxious to meet heragain and have a marvelous dinner and then have a session that would satisfy my deepest and darkest desires.

We decided to meet at the restaurant at 7pm, it was only 6pm and I would only take 20 minutes’maximum to get there but the anxiety had taken over me, that I could not control my body anymore! My mind was already at that dinner with her, in that dungeon with her… Ohhhhhhh FUCKKKKKKK it’s herrrrrrr again!!!!

I got there was 6:15pm, Jesussssssss was way toosoon, I´ve asked to the waiter for the reservation from Lisa, sit down and ordered aGin and Tonic which I loveeeeee, but I wanted to drink it fast because when my Mistress, my Diva arrived I wanted to have 2 Dry Martini’s waiting for her…

Finally,she arrived, and OMG she was unbelievably beautiful, I was amazed how lucky I was, because how many people would love to be in my place, and I was the lucky bastard, to have dinner with such a beautiful, intelligent and extraordinary woman!!

She gave me a big hug and God her perfume was sooooooo good, I got a thing for perfumes, I love smells, and let me tell you, her is simply divine!!! ;)

We sit down, her drink was ready, mine too, but I had already drink 2 Gin’s and Tonic, so this was the 3rddrink….We were talking, laughing, and we asked for another drink… Ohhhhhhboyyyyy!!!! J

That was when she got me, and said: “Let´s make a toast!” Yeahhhhh sure!!!! Then Mistress Lisa said: “Our games will start now Miss Mia…” Ohhhhhhhhfuckkkkkkkk, but wasn’t this supposed to be a dinner and after was the beautiful “mind fuck” part? Hummmmmm this is getting interesting!! She said: “I’ve have here with me, on my bag, a vibrator that stimulates your Clit and your G-spot at the same time and has a wireless remote control where I will be the one that is going to keep it!! Now GOOOOOO to the bathroom and put it on under your panties and get ready, because this is going to be the best and worst dinner of your life!!!” Ohhhhhh this is going to be fun!!!! Will she make me cum in that room full of people having dinner?! Fuckkkkkkkk I’m not gagged,and even gagged they would hear me, I do moan loud!!!! They will kick us out!! Ohhhh in that moment I realized the training part of the auto control… This was part of it, but Jesus couldn´t it be a little bit less difficult? I think Mistress Lisa wanted to have fun, and took advantage of me, and that made me even more horny!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!I have to calm down I can´t be so horny like that… Me and my fucking perverted body and perverted mind!!! FuckkkkkkMiaaaaaaa control yourselfffffffff!!!!!!

I went to the bathroom and put the vibrator inside ofme, it had the shape of a hook, one part I put it inside of me, touching my G-spot and the other part was in contact with my clit, it was the perfect size because it would touch it sooooo perfectly!!! Ohhhhhboyyyyy I´m fucked!!!! I put my panties on, dressed myself and started to walk in the direction of our table. Lisa was with a naughty smile, so immediately I knew what she was going to do… She turned the vibrator on but the power was so strong that my legs trembled ina way that I almost lost control of them… She let out a loud laugh! She is mean, but I admit it´s so hot!!!

I got to the table and sit down, and she said: “Did you like it Miss Mia? Hope you did because during dinner you will feelthat a lot of times!!” OMG how will I take it??? Will she make me cum on that table with everybody next to us?!

We had already eaten the entries, so Mistress Lisa called the waiter and ordered our dinner, she was the one that chose the dinner, I trusted her marvelous good taste... I was going to eat the same as her, or thought I would be able to…

While we were waiting for our food and talking a bit she decided to turn it on again andFUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK I gave a kind of a jump of my chair as if I had been electrocuted! I wasn’texpecting that at all!!! Ohhhhh but it felt soooogood!!!! Jesussssssssafter a few seconds, or more, I have no sense of the time, another one, again POWER ONNNNNN, I started to grab the table cloth and twists it, and put my cloth napkin on my mouth and bite it, not to moan in that restaurant full of people!!!

That was making me so fucking horny, the fact of having everybody around us, looking at us, to get caught, and everybody thinking that I was a fucking pervert… Ohhhhhh that’s even more exciting!!!! And Lisa knows it, and she enjoys it!! Just between us I think she might be even more perverted then I am…Ohhhhfuckkkkk I’m dripping!!!

Finally, the dinner arrived, and I was starving!! I looked around and saw that people were looking at us, at me, with a different look… Ohhhhh boy, don’t you tell me that they understood that something was going on… That’s nasty, but deep inside, I fucking love it!! The waiter started to serve us, I just wanted to eat something because I knew the night was going to be long so better eat now cause latter, I don’t think so… lol

I waited for Mistress Lisa to start eating first, because she is always my first priority, after she started I was allowed to start too. The food was soooooo good and the company for me was like a dream come true… I still could not believe how lucky I was to be there with my goddess, with my everything! I just wanted feel used, I was missing that, and I still am… I always want more, I’m never satisfied. I never see the end of this, it ain’tpassing by. You know I want tofeel her kisses, I wish I could feel her lips… The texture must be sooooo amazing and so marvelous, sweet, soft, wet, but at the same time hot like pepper!! It would burn so fucking much that I would want to run away, but then I would come back like a little pet begging for more… FUCKKKKKKKKK she got meeeeee!!!! She got me really good!!

Let me focus on the dinner, it’s hard right? Yeah, but I’m being trained, Mistress Lisa is training my mind to be focus, cause the mind controls everything!!!!

We just had started to eat, everything was so good, until Mistress Lisa started to look at me with a naughty smile, and Iimmediately understood whatshe was going to do, I tried to prepare myself but it was impossible!!!!

This time when she turned on the power it was so strong that I kicked the table unintentionally… The power was toooooo strong, I could not control my movements, Jesusssssssmy muscles were throbbing, my nerves were trembling,I could not control my body, she could!! She was in charge!!!She left the power on, but with a little less intensity, but still I could not take it much longer, I would cum and I would not take long to get there…

I was closing my legs hard trying to fight what was impossible to, she was looking into my eyes, ohhhhhhfuckkkkkpleaseeeeee don’t do thatttttt!!!!! That’s sooooo fucking hot and she knows it!!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKK!!! She had that naughty smile,it is sooooooo irresistible!!!! I can’t control myself… Why am I like this?! This flame that burns inside of me never ends, with just one breath, I'm locked in. It's almost shocking! I´m not scared, my heart my mind my soul my body, she knows me…She can have me any time she wants, I belong to her, and it makes me feel alive whilealso feeling vulnerable, which I love… This is the place where I lose my fears!! Reckless behavior…This is my paradise and my war zone!!! A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw. This is my world…

She increases the power of the vibrator and I can´t take it anymore, I’m starting to feel the temperatureof my body really high, it’s getting really hot, my face must be changing color, I feel the blood coming up…Ohhhh God, it won’t take long, it’s coming, she will make me have an orgasm right in the middle of the restaurant, full of people that already knew that something was going on… But at this point,I want it, I need it and I have to have it!! The adrenaline is high and that beautiful toy is touching on my clit and vibrating so hard that I can’t stop moving, ohhhhhhfuckkkkk I wan’t it soooooo bad!!! PleaseeeeeMistress don’t turn it off cause it’s coming… Ohhhhhh it’s coming!!!! I can’t stay still, looking into her eyes, ohhhhhhh don’t do that pleaseeeee!!! I feel so powerless, I have no control at all of all the situation, ohhhhhh I love it, it turns me on sooooomuch!!!! I grab the table cloth again and I twist it so hard that the dishes almost fell on the floor, ohhhhhhGod that is going to be a big one… Immediately I put the cloth napkin on my mouth and bite it so hard, not to moan in a restaurant full of people!! But in vain…People were looking incredulously to what washappening at the table. And I don’t judge them beause I would look too, but probably would touch myself, cause I’m a fucking pervert!!!! Haha ;)

My legs started to shake, I was so out of control that I was drooling in the corner of my mouthand had not even realized that… GODDDDDD save meeeeeeeeeeee this is tooooomuchhhhhhh!!!! I can’t take it, she kills me!!! Ohhhhhfuckkkkkkk I love it!!!! This turns me so fucking much!! My Mistress, my Goddess was going to give me an enormous orgasm right in front of a room full of people and she was having a blast with it. Ohhhh I couldn’t control myself, and it came, I’ve let myself goooooo, no more torture, I accepted andsurrendered,I could not take it anymore! Theheat begins to increase, but it was a great sense of physical pleasure. I started to feel involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscles. Was the stimulation of the clit and the stimulation of the G-spot, ohhhh God this was going to be a big one!!! TO BE CONTINUED! 


Einiger meiner vorlieben!

Dominatrix Lisa

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Upside down!

Dominatrix Lisa


A while ago I got an appointment with Dominatrix Lisa for a session in her Antwerp Studio. Like Her, I have a bit of a Latex fetish and She is always willing to dress in something shiny for me. I don't even have to ask for it, She knows. So, on my trip in I started to fantasise about what She would be wearing this time. Thinking of Her always makes my imagination run wild as I secretly have a crush her. She has such extraordinary beauty and a wonderful personality. Next to that, She is as funny as women come. If I would think I'd stand I chance I would go for it, but She is clearly out of my league.

When I arrived at the Antwerp Studio, I parked my car and hurried to the door. I was late due to traffic and knew that my Goddess would not appreciate that. I rang the bell and the door was opened by Mistress Herself in what I can only describe Her sexiest latex pair of pants She has ever owned. She wore a hot latex top and some long latex Opera gloves. I dropped to the floor and kissed Her high heeled Louboutins while apologising for being late.

She told me that it was alright; but that I consequently had to be punished for leaving Her waiting and She asked me a number between 10 and 20. Not wanting to be greedy nor childish I said 18, already knowing that this was the number of punishments She was going to administer to me. The only question was: How?

She chased me up the semi-helical stairs to the first floor and told me to get changed in my Latex outfit. I did as quickly as I could and a few minutes later I stood dressed in my new latex pants, shirt and mask. She told me that She loved my new trousers and asked if I liked her new ones. I said I loved them as they fit so perfectly and were impeccably shiny and added that I loved everything She wore. She smiled and said she had it made tailor-made, which I believed immediately as the trousers fitted to every part of Her hot well-formed body. And those legs; Man if you have ever seen such an undercarriage dressed in Latex, You have seen a piece of heaven. They go on and on and on for miles. The song of ZZ-top springs to mind (She's got the Legs, and She knows how to use them).

Nevertheless it was time to stop the chitchat as Mistress told me to stand in the middle of the room and to assume the punishment position. I did as I was told and spread my legs and folded my hands behind my head. "What was your answer again on my question for a number between 10 and 20?" She asked. I said sixteen Mistress, hoping that I would get away with it. "Well, well well," She said, "that little lie just bought you another 12 repetitions, making your punishment number 30 today." Immediately I felt the pain of a paddle on my Latex-clad ass and She continued until I had counted thirty hits on my then sore buttocks. The thing about Latex is that it doesn't dampen the force of a hit, so the full force is transmitted to your skin. Maybe that is the reason why it is called second skin, I thought. But I didn't have much time to ponder as my backside was now forcefully touched by a pair of floggers. Mistress Lisa was punishing me with two floggers at the same time, while I was trying to keep track of the count. At 30 I really felt relieved that I managed to endure as I felt the point approaching that I needed to scream.

While Mistress smoothly caressed my bum, to ease away a bit of the pain, She whispered in my ear that She wanted to break me today as She had never done before and asked me if I had a problem with that. I responded that I was all Hers and that She could do to me whatever She wanted. "Fine", She shouted in my ear, "Right Answer.Walk to the hoist!" At the hoist, Shelowered the bar that was hanging from it. "Put up your arms", She said and bound my hands to the bar with leather straps.She then hoisted the bar to the level where I needed to tiptoe.

Then She walked away to exchange the floggers for something else. In my head, I felt anxious, what method She would use this time to torture me, as I am not much of a Masochist, but more of a Fetishist. But when She came back, nothing happened and She came standing so close behind me that I could feel her breasts poking in my back and heard the rubber of her outfit rubbing against mine. Oh man, this was so sexy and my manhood stretched the rubber of my pants to the maximum. It wanted to come out without Herpermission and I feared that it would not please Mistress if it did. She walked around me and noticed the attempted breakout. "Hmmm", She softly said, "It seems you are really, really happy to see me". "Yes Mistress", I stammered, "I am always happy to see You,You make my World turn Upside Down when I see you. Especially when You are dressed like that". "Is that so?", She asked and started to rub my dick through the latex trousers I wore. "Yes Mistress."I answered while concentrating on keeping my cock under control. "OK, then show me", Mistress said while opening my zipper and allowing my penis to pop out for a bit of fresh air. "Hmmm", She said, "I do believe you" as my Mr. Johnson stood proudly in a 45 degrees upright position. "Let's get the boys out", She continued as She grapped my balls in the pants and twisted them a few timesaround before allowing them freedom in the open as well. I now stood there on my toes in her dungeon with my crown jewels in a ready to go position.

"Oh, what is that then?", She asked and I didn't know what She was talking about. "It seems to me that your filthy mind has created so much tension in your prostate that your pathetic little cock is shedding a pre-cum tear. We can't have you spoiling my studio, now can we?" "No Mistress, my apologies, but I can't help it". "Well then I need to help you, don't I?" She said and removed the pre-cum with her gloved fingers and put them in my mouth. "Now clean my goddess fingers from your filthy slave milk Slut." I did as I was told and sucked her right hand fingers one by one, removing my own juices. She then got a condom and put it over my dick to prevent dripping on the floor. She then opened my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles. She walked to the back out of my sight and let me stand there in this humiliating pose.

Then, without warning, I heard a whipping sound and simultaneously I felt a very much concentrated and vicious pain on my left buttock. "ONE", I counted with a loud voice. "Hahahahaha, You little whimp", Mistress laughed, "I told you I was going to crack you" and a second time the Russian Whip cracked and hit my right buttock. "TWO", I shouted suppressing the pain as much as I could. "NONONO, I am still at one", Mistress said and I realised that She would administer 30 hits on each buttock. I knew that I was not going to last as the licks of the whip started to get more painful at each hit. By the time we were halfway, I screamed and squirmed in all directions to avoid the licks of the whip touching the same piece of ass twice. I didn't help. Then Shestopped. "You pathetic little worm, stop squirming and spread your legs." I did as I was told and She bound my ankles with a spreader bar to keep my legs apart. She then continued until She had used the whip 60 times on my ass. I wasn't counting anymore as I lost control at 20 and She lowered me down to the floor. As I lay there to catch my breath, She removed the hook of the hoist and attached it to the ankle spreader bar. She then hoisted me up, legs first, until I was completely of the floor and hanging in the air. She removed the bar from my wrist straps and started to rotate me. "Now I am really turning your world upside down", She said while I felt the blood rushing to my head. Strangely it did not come from the most likely place in my body as my cock remained rock hard. She lowered my pants to its intended positon and closed the buttons and zipper, while leaving my family jewels hanging out."Now, don't you go anywhere OK?" She said, "I'll be right back, so hang on", as if I had any choice at all in the matter.

While Mistress was taking pictures and filming for her Facebook account, I was hanging from the ceiling as a latex pig that was about to be slaughtered. Then,She was walking away and returned wearing a strap on dildo. She walked over and kneeled at my face, where She rammed the strap on in my face and started to facefuck me until I gagged. "This is the one and only time I will ever kneel for you, do you understand that little slut?" I was trying to answer Her, but could not produce an intelligible noise with this end of rubber in my throat, but I guess She understood as She stopped. I regained my breath as the saliva poured from my lips in my nostrils and over my face to the floor.

She then removed the strap on and went back to the corner where the whips are stored. When She returned She operated the next means of torture in mid-air and I recognised the sweeping sound of a cane going through the air unhindered. My greatest fear became reality as the cane was no longer unhindered in its movement, but unleashed all the fury from its handler upon my ass. Again the Latex pants, now firmly around my ass did not dampen the blow and I felt the most painful blow I ever had. "ONE, Thank you Mistress" I screamed from the top of my lungs. "TWO, Thank you Mistress", "THREE", by now I was not able to be polite anymore and continued only to count. After five strokes Mistress stopped, came over and caressed my butt, telling me that She didn't want to do this, but had to as part of my training. She continued and I continued to wail as the first tears came from my eyes and started to roll over my forehead to the floor. At 10 She stopped again. Relieving the pain a bit with caressing touches of Her hands and comforting words, but She continued nevertheless. At 12 I thought that it could have been over If I had said 12 instead of 18 and had not lied later on, but She kept going. "FIFTEEN" I screamed and once again She allowed me to regain my breath. "I do feel so sorry for you Sletteke, but I need to do this for your own good", She lied in my ear. I did believe her though as She had 100% control over me now. So She continued in series of 5 until She had reached 30. Thankfully She had taken over counting as I had stopped at 16, not being able to continue.

She then lowered me down carefully and while I was still sobbing, She removed the spreader bar from my ankles and told me to walk to the mirror, take my pants of carefully and watch my ass. "Now, your ass has been signed by me, which means that Your Ass is Mine from now on, do you understand Sletteke?" "Yes Mistress", I answered, "My ass belongs to You". "Right and don't you ever forget it, you hear? Now get to the sling and prepare for your reward my little handpuppet." "Yes Mistress", I said and hoisted myself into the sling careful not the sit on my bum in doing so. Mistress rewarded me lavishly and made me forget all about my ass for a while. I was remembered about it while getting in my car to drive the long way home. I certainly did not forget to whom my ass belonged as I had to stop and recover every 30 miles. The homebound trip never took so long.

NL version

Dominatrix Lisa

Meesteres Lisa was een tijdje moeilijker bereikbaar, bleek dat ze af en toe enkele rustdagen had ingelast. Dat mag ook wel, voor een Meesteres die bijna gans het jaar werkt. Maar ik had geluk, Meesteres Lisa was in Antwerpen, en wou wel eens "goed met dat slet haar kontgaatje spelen". Ik had een afspraak vast.
Met een gespoeld kontje, geschoren zakje, en enigszins bijgeknipt goedje, meldde ik me aan. Er zat een buttplug in, zoals gevraagd, net als dat touwtje rond mijn ballen. Ik droeg ook nog een string en een corset, gevuld met twee kleine ballonnetjes met water. Hoewel ik er nog mijn gewone kleren over droeg, voelde ik me toch enorm sletterig. "Mijn boezem" zweepte zachtjes op en neer, en ik probeerde me enorm zacht te bewegen, zodat ze niet zouden opvallen. Stel u voor, een politiecontrole, een ongeval, ... hoe zou dit sletje opvallen ...

Meesteres Lisa opende de deur, ik stapte binnen en de deur ging dicht. Meesteres Lisa draaide zich naar mij en net op het ogenblik dat ik haar wilde begroeten, nam ze mijn schouder vast, en kickte haar knie in mijn kruis. Ik krop ineen en ze duwde me gelijk verder naar de grond. Meesteres Lisa lachte, "Zo, het sletteke weet nog steeds haar plaats, mooi zo, kruip maar mee." Op handen en voeten kroop ik mijn Meesteres achterna. Mijn afgebonden ballen deden mijn maag in elkaar trekken. Ja, mijn plaats en waarde was duidelijk.

Ik mocht mijn Meesteres begroeten. Elke slaaf weet natuurlijk hoe dat moet: de Meesteres stak de hielen van Haar prachtige lakken dijlaarzen, en ik begon die gedwee te likken en reinigen. Langzaam ging ik hoger op. Meesteres Lisa trok me aan mijn haar omhoog en kreeg een harde klets in mijn gezicht, gevolgd door en grote spat spuug in mijn gezicht. "Uitkleden, sletteke, ik wil zien of je je aan mijn wensen hebt gehouden. Anders vlieg je er uit, hé." Ik kleedde me uit, terwijl Meesteres Lisa een snoepje nam, en daar smakelijk op zoog. Ze genoot ervan te zien hoe mijn "vrouwelijke laag" boven kwam.

In mijn blootje stond ik voor haar klaar, handen op de rug. Meesteres Lisa inspecteerde me. Ze trok mij haar achterover, en spuugde in mijn open mond. Ik slikte het door en dankte Haar. Ze keek even in mijn "décolleté", en voelde aan mijn "boezem". "Mooi zo, slet, jij zou beter vrouwelijke hormonen nemen voor een goeie boezem, want die wil je graag, hé." Ze trok mijn slipje opzij, en trok aan het touwtje rond mijn ballen. Nu ja, Ze trok niet echt, Ze sleurde er keihard aan, terwijl Ze strak in mijn gezicht keek. Met het touwtje draaide Ze me om, en inspecteerde de plug in mijn kontje.

"Mooi sletje, je bent erg gehoorzaam tegenwoordig, toch iets dat je goed doet. Nu ga ik je afwerken." Ze duwde me voorover en trok er kordaat de plug uit. Hij zat er al een tijdje aardig in, en dat viel goed mee, maar toen hij er uit ging, moest mijn kontje toch even naar adem snakken. Ze nam een nieuwe plug en duwde die er ruw in. Maar deze voelde anders aan. De meeste plugs zijn dik vanbinnen en nauw voor de sluitspier, deze leek ook nog eens dik aan mijn gaatje. Met een pomp werd de blaas binnenin ietwat opgeblazen, zodat de plug mooi bleef zitten. Blijkbaar zat er een soort ventiel aan, want ze koppelde de blaasbal los en trok mijn slipje omhoog.

Aan de voorkant maakte Ze mijn touwtje los. Toegegeven, het was een schoenveter en die was niet zo enorm strak. Ze nam een lederen touwtje en bond dat rond mijn ballen, ertussen, en rond mijn pietje. Ook vooraan trok Ze mijn slipje omhoog. "Mooi, nu aankleden, op die stoel ligt je outfit klaar." Ik trok twee latex stay-ups aan, iets waarvan Ze weet dat ik er dol op ben als mijn Meesteres ze aan heeft. Vervolgens trok ik het zwarte kleedje over mijn hoofd en over mijn corset. Ik fatsoeneerde jurk, om vervolgens een paar handschoenen aan te trekken, ook latex uiteraard.

Toen ik me naar haar omdraaide, wees Ze omhoog. Daar lag een pruik klaar, lang zwart haar. Ik zette die ook op. Onder de stoel stonden hoge hakken. Ze kende mijn maat nog, zo bleek. Onhandig stond ik op de hoge hakken voor Meesteres Lisa. Ze kwam voor me staan en keurde me. Toen nam Ze make-up en maakte van mijn gezicht een sletje. "Zo, tijd om te zien of dit sletje verkoopt." Ik kreeg verschillende bondagebanden aan mijn enkels, polen en nek. Ze nam me mee en hing mijn polsen aan een takel.

"Klaar, sletteke? Als je hier net zo in de smaak viel als ik denk, dan gooi ik je op mijn Facebookpagina, en ga ik je beginnen verhuren." Oei, een Facebookpagina waar ik nog niet van wist? (Inderdaad, na wat zoeken later die avond, vond ik dat ze er inderdaad eentje heeft: Ik kreeg een blinddoek om en hoorde plots hoe de Meesteres tegen iemand sprak: "Kom maar binnen, dan ontdekken jullie wat een echt sletteke is." Ik hoorde voetstappen, kettingen, ... het bloed stroomde door gans mijn lijf, ik voelde me echt als het slettevlees, Zoals Ze me ooit ging omvormen.

"Kijk maar, voel maar, en zie hoe ver dit sletje voor Mij wil gaan. Er komt geen neen uit haar mond als Ik haar vraag een pik te pijpen." De takel ging razendsnel omlaag en Meesteres Lisa duwde me voorover, tegen twee benen aan. "Pijpen, sletteke!" Ik voelde een pik voor me en begon gelijk te pijpen, mijn handen achter me in de lucht. Ik voelde hoe Meesteres Lisa op mijn rug ging zitten. "Een echte slet doet alles voor haar Meesteres, zie je?"

De pik in mijn mond groeide, en genoot, ik voelde haast het bloed kloppen. "Neuk die bek eens, zoals het hoort, niet bang zijn." Meesteres Lisa duwde mijn hoofd hard en ruw over de pik, hij duwde in mijn keel, ik kon amper nog slikken. Gedreven door Meesteres Lisa haar woorden ging ik gewoon door, zo goed als ik kon. Plots voelde ik hoe ze mijn 'jurkje' omhoog tilde. "Zie je dat? Zonder glijmiddel kan daar al iets in, hé, en dat is nog maar het begin ..." Twee handen voelden over mijn kontje, en duwden tegen de plug. Mijn kontje staat redelijk gevoelig, maar dit voelt zacht en aangenaam. Meesteres Lisa staat recht. Ze loopt rond, ik voel hoe ze speelt met de plug in mijn kontje.

"Kijk nu maar eens, hé." Plots voel ik hoe Ze bruut de plug oppompt. Mijn kontje rekt aardig op, ik voel de spanning stijgen en probeer me zo goed mogelijk te houden. Oh, dit voelt goed, maar wordt intens. Ik wil me niet laten kennen als Haar sletje en probeer me stil te houden en verder te pijpen. Ze laat de lucht ontsnappen en pompt opnieuw op, keer op keer, telkens wat verder. "Dit wil ik kunnen, sletjes, zonder gejank. Niet zoals jullie. Komaan, wisselen!" De twee mannen verwisselen van plaats. Ik krijg mijn tweede pik in mijn mondje, dit is duidelijk een kleiner exemplaar, maar wel al behoorlijk geil. De andere hoor ik nu op iets zuigen, vast een dildo. Intussen werkt Meesteres Lisa verder aan mijn kontje.

Plots haalt ze de plug er uit, en duwt er een dildo in. Wow, dit is een grote!! Ik laat me even kennen en kreun. Meesteres knijpt keihard in mijn ballen en schreeuwt: "Stil slet, ken je plaats!" Ze duwt rustig door, en met een plof lijkt de dildo naar binnen te wippen. Ze andere slaaf zit naast Haar en ik hoor Meesteres Lisa hem bevelen op zijn piemel hard te houden. Als de dildo rustig een tijdje heen en weer bewogen heeft, haalt Ze hem er uit.

"Zo, slaafjes, dit sletteke mag wel eens voelen wat jullie in huis hebben. Jij neukt haar kontje, en jij neukt haar bek. Diegene die laatst klaar komt, krijgt slaag!" De man komt achter me kruipen en duwt zijn pik naar binnen. Door de grote dildo's glijdt zijn pik rustig en vlot binnen. Hij begint zacht te stoten. Meesteres Lisa wil meer actie en gebiedt hem het tempo op te drijven en dieper te gaan. De andere neemt mijn hoofd en begint me diep te keelneuken. Hij is duidelijk bang van de spanking want hij drijft het tempo goed op.

Meesteres Lisa fluistert in mijn oor: "Zalig, hé, sletteke? Je voorvocht verraadt hoeveel je hier van houdt. Ik ga je echt als een slet laten verkrachten. Ik organiseer een gangbang met grote pikken voor je. En je gaat niet naar huis vooraleer je vol zaad hangt, en je kont een hand aan kan. Als ik je zie genieten hier, dan vind ik dat ik wel de eer moet krijgen mijn hand in je te stoppen...!"

Ik voel mijn eigen pik inderdaad keihard worden en voel hoe nat hij is. De andere slaven hebben niks gehoord, maar zij beuken op me door om te kunnen klaarkomen. Plots voel ik hoe de pik in mijn mond klaar komt. De pik zit nu echt diep in mijn mond geduwd, en Meesteres Lisa duwt mijn hoofd tegen 'm aan. Enkele seconden later komt de slaaf in mijn kontje ook klaar.

"Zo, meekomen, allebei, met jullie ga Ik straks verder. Eerst dat sletteke aanpakken." Meesteres Lisa haalt de takel omhoog. Als ik op mijn voeten staat, neemt ze een zuigmachine en plaatst die op mijn pik. Langzaam zuigt ze er alle lucht uit. Daarna bindt ze er een vibrator aan vast en laat die zachtjes trillen. Ze stopt plug in mijn kontje en komt voor me staan. Ze neemt de blinddoek af. Voor me speelt nu een TV. Ik zie mezelf op TV. Ik zie er geil uit, maar je zou voor minder. Mijn slipje hangt net boven mijn knieën. Meesteres Lisa drijft met een afstandsbediening het tempo van de dildo op, terwijl Ze vanop een stoel naar me kijkt. Het geile zicht doet me klaarkomen, zonder handen, zonder aanraking, enkel in een penispomp met een vibrator.

Ik hang neer aan de takel, Meesteres Lisa brengt me in een neerwaartse positie, maar laat me zo liggen. Na vijf minuten blijft mijn pik nog steeds alert. Meesteres Lisa geeft de ene slaaf zijn spanking, terwijl ze allebei zien hoe ik een tweede keer klaar kom ...

Na het opfrissen geeft Meesteres Lisa me te kennen dat hetgeen ze in mijn oor fluisterde binnenkort aan de beurt komt, en die foto's wil ze op haar Facebookpagina zetten. Ik geef Haar te kennen dat het voor mij de grootste eer lijkt om op haar pagina te mogen staan als haar sletje. Na Haar gouden vocht over me voelen vloeien tijdens Haar sessies, uiteraard.

Bdsm party...

Dominatrix Lisa

Het was al even geleden dat ik nog iets liet horen van mijn ervaringen met Meesteres Lisa, maar dit wou ik al een tijdje neerpennen... Het is iets waar ik regelmatig aan terug denk, zeker als ik haar aankondigingen op klapjes of kinky lees.

Bi-slave party

Meesteres Lisa geeft me regelmatig sessies op afstand: mijn leven is het laatste jaar veel drukker geworden door mijn werk, waardoor bij Haar langs gaan soms moeilijk in te plannen is. Meesteres Lisa weet echter hoe Ze me op elk moment als Haar sletteke kan doen voelen. Dankzij de moderne technologie kan Ze perfect alles zien, horen en bevelen. Maar niks gaat boven een real life sessie, uiteraard.

Ik stond voor mijn spiegel, mijn ballen afgebonden tot ze paars zagen, een buttplug tot het maximum opgepompt in mijn kontje, ruim een dozijn wasknijpers op mijn zakje. De Meesteres genoot er van mij steeds verder te drijven, elke keer een pompje meer. De wasknijpers wou Ze zo lang mogelijk er op zien. Ik volgde gedwee elk bevel op. Ze stuurde me enkele van haar eigen foto's en filmpjes door, die Ze gemaakt had tijdens onze eerdere sessies. Ik wist dat Ze die vaak gebruikt om me te verhuren aan andere Meesteressen of slaven die er een extra slet bij willen. Een gedachte die me elke keer bloedgeil maakt ...

En net als ik bloedgeil stond, vroeg Meesteres Lisa wanneer ik terug in Amsterdam zou zijn. Ik verklapte dat ik binnen veertien dagen er terug twee dagen heen moest. "Zo, sletteke, ideaal voor een feestje. Waar logeer je, dan ga regel Ik wel alles ..." Slik, ik ken die feestjes van de Meesteres maar al te goed. Ik ben er dol op, maar ze kunnen wel vermoeiend zijn. Mijn pietje had het ook in de snot en stond onmiddellijk alert en met een feestneus op.

"Ha, je pieteke heeft er al zin in, slet! Nou, giet er maar koud water over, Ik wil dat je twee weken niet klaar komt!" Oei, dit worden twee lastige weken, bedacht ik bij mezelf, maar ik gehoorzaamde. De Meesteres wou dat ik elke dag een krant kocht, en een foto trok van mezelf, met een opgeblazen plug in mijn kontje, en de krant van die dag op de foto. Zo wist Ze dat ik mijn kontgaatje goed oefende, zonder te zeuren met de foto's.

Gedwee gehoorzaamde ik en deed ik wat Meesteres Lisa vroeg. Ik kocht de krant, smeerde mijn kontgaatje in en pompte de plug aardig op. De Meesteres was tevreden met mijn foto's die ik stuurde. Na de foto liep ik meestal nog een half uur rond in huis, met de plug in, een boxer aan en alles mooi in de boxer gestopt. Zo kon ik oefenen, want Meesteres Lisa kennende zou het nodig kunnen zijn.

De dag voor mijn vertrek bevestigde ik de Meesteres waar ik logeerde. Ik mocht niet meer oefenen, en Ze vroeg nog enkele foto's van mijn kontgaatje, mijn pik, mijn balzak en mijn mond. Ik leek het eerst raar te vinden, maar toen wist ik wat Ze zou willen doen met die foto's ... Ze zou vast extra klanten willen uitnodigen voor dit sletje, en dit was ideaal voor mijn "advertenties".

Het was een lange rit naar Amsterdam. Drie uur rijden, met gedachten aan mijn werk, maar eigenljk vooral aan Meesteres Lisa. Mensen die mijn eerdere bezoeken aan Haar gelezen hebben, weten vast wel hoe Ze met me om gaat... Aangekomen in het hotel meldde ik me aan aan de receptie. Mijn auto werd voor me geparkeerd, en ik begaf me naar mijn kamer. Er lag een doos op mijn bed, en niet zo een kleintje. Er zat een kaartje bij waarop geschreven stond: "Aanmelden bij aankomst". Dit kwam vast niet van mijn werkgever, dus ik stuurde een sms'je naar Meesteres Lisa: "Slaaf is er net, Meesteres." Enkele ogenblikken later krijg ik mijn opdracht terug.

"Slet, douchen, binnen en buiten, en dan alles uit de doos gebruiken. Maak je Meesteres nu eindelijk eens fier, en zorg dat je er klaar voor bent. SMS me om zes uur als je klaar bent." Ik besloot niet gelijk in de doos te kijken, maar mezelf eerst gans te wassen. Ik nam uitgebreid de tijd om me te douchen, te spoelen, extra te scheren. Naakt stapte ik op het bed toe, trok de cadeauverpakking open en keek even verbaasd naar de inhoud. Ik zag een plug met meerdere bolvormige delen, een zwarte latexjurk, zwarte latex stayups, een bruine pruik, en zwarte naaldhakken. Wat was de Meesteres van plan?! Ik had me wel voorbereid dat ik een plug zou moeten dragen, maar dit? Oké, ze zou vast in de hotelkamer enkele extra slaven uitgenodigd hebben.

Toen ik opgekleed was, ontdekte ik een tasje in de doos. Er zat een kaartje in en daarop stond te lezen: "Maak je mooi, slet, we gaan uit vannacht, en jij gaat je outfit terug verdienen." Oh nee, moest ik hiermee naar buiten? Jezus, dat had ik niet bepaald in gedachten met een 'feestje'. Ik probeerde stuntelig wat make-up aan te brengen. Terwijl ik nog mijn lippen deed, werd er op de deur geklopt. Ik haastte me naar de deur en deed open. Meesteres Lisa stond er, in een prachtig kleed. Meesteres Lisa haar prachtige figuur werd er nog meer door in de verf gezet. 'A Killer Body', indeed. Ik liet mijn Meesteres gedwee binnen en boog mijn hoofd voor haar. Meesteres Lisa zette zich op het bed. "Zo, sletteke, je ziet er goed uit, lekker hoerig. Loop eens mooi rond voor me." Dankzij de vele trainingen die ik al kreeg van de Meesteres liep ik vlot heen en weer. Mijn Meesteres was tevreden.

Ze stond op, opende haar handtas en haalde er een halsband uit. De Meesteres bond de halsband mooi rond mijn hals, haakte er een ketting aan vast en keek me aan. "Klaar, sletje?" Ze nam haar handtas en trok me mee. Ze liep de gang op en trok me mee. Ik stond angsten uit: ging ze me zo meenemen doorheen gans het hotel? Maar ze nam me mee langs een zijtrap. We stapten de zijdeur buiten en er stond een auto te wachten. Ze trok de deur open en we stapten in. Een chauffeur vooraan, Meesteres Lisa links, ik in het midden. De plug in mijn kont was zo voelbaar en maakte het niet eenvoudig rustig te blijven zitten. Ik had geen idee waar we heen gingen, maar eens aangekomen, glimlachte Meesteres Lisa naar me en zei: "Klaar? Je bent nu van ons, en ik ga geen genade meer met je hebben."

De deur ging open en Ze trok me ruw aan de ketting naar buiten. Ik probeerde me te haasten om haar te volgen, maar haar lange benen gingen heel wat sneller dan ik kon volgen. Een deur ging open en ik kwam in een grote studio terecht. Ik werd verder getrokken naar een kamertje, een klein hokje eerder, 1 vierkante meter. Er was een groot raam. "Zo, probeer nog maar extra klanten te trekken." En de deur ging op slot. het raam gaf uit in een soort gang, alles baadde in rood licht. Er kwamen af en toe mannen voorbij die me keuren, sommige lachten, andere stopten en bleven kijken. Een groepje van vijf mannen, kleerkasten, bleven kijken. Eentje deed teken dat ik wat moest dansen en draaien. Beschaamd draaide ik rond en bewoog voorzichtig wat heen en weer. Ik keek terug naar hen en probeerde over hen heen te kijken. Ze zetten een stap terug en klopten aan een deur. Kwamen ze binnen??

Enkele ogenblikken later ging de deur open en trok Meesteres Lisa me binnen. "Werk aan de winkel, slet!" Ik zag niemand staan maar werd naar een andere ruimte mee getrokken. Meesteres Lisa keek me aan en zei: "Maak me fier, jij hoertje, je gaat hier volop werk hebben. Je gaat elke kerel plezieren, blij maken, en ze hebben beloofd geen genade te kennen. Begrepen?!" Ik antwoordde te traag en kreeg gelijk enkele slagen in mijn gezicht. Meesteres liet me op mijn knieën gaan zitten. Ze bond mijn handen met polsbanden aan elkaar. Ze nam een beugel en stopte die in mijn mond. Toen Ze die open kneep, ging mijn mond steeds verder open. Dit vond ik altijd al een geile toy, en dat wist Ze. Ze klikte alles vast en riep de mannen binnen. Compleet naakt kwamen ze binnen. Mijn god, wat zagen ze er groots uit! "Geen genade, schattekes." Eentje kwam naar me toe, trok mijn hoofd achterover en duwde zijn pik in mijn mond. Wow, dit was geen penis, maar leek wel een brandweerslang. Hij duwde in één keer door tot tegen mijn keel, en ik kon niks bewegen met mijn mond. Ik deed mijn best niet te kokhalzen en dat maakte hem nog geiler en hij begon mijn keel te neuken.

Een tweede kwam achter me staan en duwde ruw mijn benen open. Mijn latexjurk had spande en ik voelde hoe alles trok. Hij begon tegen mijn ballen te stampen. Plots zag hij het handvat van mijn plug en schoot in de lach. Zijn voet duwde de plug ruw dieper. Meesteres Lisa zag het en zei: "Laten zitten, ik alleen mag die uithalen." Steeds meer stijve pikken verschenen voor mijn hoofd. Ik moest beginnen aan lullen trekken, terwijl mijn keel om beurten door iemand geneukt werd. Ik voelde me bloedgeil door de mishandeling van die kerels, maar wilde vooral mijn Meesteres fier maken.

Plots kwam Meesteres Lisa en liet de mannen stoppen. Ze trok me omhoog en veegde het talrijke speeksel over mijn hoofd heen. Alle make-up liep open en de tranen die ik kreeg van het kokhalzen hadden mijn mascara doen uitlopen. Ze glimlachte en duwde me ruw de kamer door. Ik moest over een soort bok gaan liggen, en mijn benen werden op twee steunen gezet, waardoor ze wijd open lagen. Twee mannen bonden me vast aan mijn benen en buik. Er werd een soort schandblok dichterbij gebracht. Een plank met drie gaten schoof langzaam naar beneden tussen twee rails en werd open geklapt. Mijn hoofd en handen werden er in geplaatst. Intussen trok Meesteres Lisa enkele foto's. Plots kreeg ik een iPad voor me te zien. Meesteres Lisa had via Skype contact genomen met een andere Meesteres. Die kreeg via de camera mij te zien en lachte luidop. Ik hoorde hoe Meesteres Lisa rond me liep met de cam en de goedkeuring kreeg.

Ik hoorde de andere Meesteres vragen wat ze met mij ging doen, en Meesteres Lisa antwoordde: "Melken, non-stop." De andere Meesteres lachtte luidop en feliciteerde mijn Meesteres met haar idee. Mmm melken? Mij lekker aftrekken? Zo lief kende ik Haar nog nooit? Plots kwam ze af met een karretje, ik kon enkel de wieltjes horen, maar wist niet wat ze mee had. Een fuckmachine? "Schattekes, dit sletje heeft twee weken niet mogen klaarkomen. Dus daar zit heel wat zaad in dat ik er uit wil halen. Doe jullie zin, terwijl ik 'm melk. En hij moet compleet droog komen te staan!!" Waw, dat klonk lekker, genomen worden door kerels terwijl ik werd afgetrokken door de Meesteres. Maar dat was teveel gedroomd. Ik hoorde een soort zuiger in gang schieten. Er werd iets over mijn pieteke geschoven dat plots mijn ganse pikje naar binnen zoog. Het zoog een drietal keer en stopte. Ik voelde hoe de Meesteres iets rond de buis schoof. Zachtjes begon dit te trillen, en dat voelde goed. De zuiger schoot terug in gang, en ik voelde hoe mijn pietje met tussenpozen opgezogen werd.

"Zo, sletteke, dit wordt een lange nacht. Deze machine stopt niet zolang er mannen zijn. Ik wil al je zaad voor mij." Dus ik werd gezogen door een melkmachine, als een koe! Meesteres Lisa liep rond en zei tegen een kerel: "klaar?" Met een geweldige ruk trok Meesteres Lisa de plug er uit. Ik wilde het uitschreeuwen maar een van de mannen duwde zijn paal in mijn bek en begon mijn keel te neuken. Een andere duwde zonder genade in één keer zijn grootse paal in mijn nauwe gaatje. Wow, hiervoor was dat oefenen inderdaad nodig, dat is duidelijk! Ruw werd ik genomen. Mijn sluitspier zag af met de grote pik, het speeksel liep uit mijn mond terwijl de ene na de andere pik er in ging Een kerel duwde heel diep en schreeuwde tegen me: "Harder afzuigen, slet!! Gore hoer! Sneller" De pik die in mijn kontje gaat plots heel snel en ik voel het zaad in mijn kontgaatje spuiten. De man kwam intens diep klaar en ook mijn pik spoot diep in de koker. Ik hoop dat het toestel even stopt, maar helaas.

Meesteres Lisa komt naast me staan en bukt zich. Ze fluistert in mijn oor "Jij sletje, zoveel zaad zag ik nog nooit bij je. Maar we gaan door tot die ballen nog amper garnalen zijn. En er evenveel zaad in je kontje zit als er in mijn melkmachine. Doorgaan kerels!" De volgende kerel kwam achter me staan en neukte me door, doorheen het zaad van zijn vriend. Ik voelde mijn mondhoeken afzien van al die palen, soms twee tegelijk. Meesteres Lisa trok mijn mondhoeken open terwijl er eentje doorbeukte. Ik voelde mezelf opnieuw haast spuiten en kreeg het terug even lastig. Meesteres Lisa had het in de gaten en verhoogde de snelheid van de machine. Ik kwam terug spuitend klaar en wou toch even bekomen, Maar dat was buiten Meesteres Lisa gerekend. De vibrerende koker op mijn pieteke bleef maar doorzuigen.

Ik hoorde Meesteres Lisa weg stappen en een deur ging open. Er kwamen terug meerdere personen binnen. Meesteres Lisa riep: "Sletteke, we gaan nog een eindje door hé, ik heb er een massa die interesse hebben voor jou. Wat zeg je nu?" "Dank u, Meesteres", zei ik, half zuigend.

Ik kreeg de ene na de andere te verwerken, in mijn mond, mijn kont, .. Intussen zoog de melkmachine mijn lul compleet kapot. Ik kwam klaar, zonder dat er ook nog een deftige druppel zaad uit mijn pieteke kwam. Minstens 12 mannen spoten in mijn gaatje en ik voelde het. Het zaad liep letterlijk uit mijn kontje en mijn mond en gezicht waren vol speeksel. Het was vast al een uur of drie verder, want ik was kapot.

Meesteres Lisa gebood alle mannen op een afstand. Ik werd door twee mannen los gemaakt en recht getrokken. Ze sleurden me mee achter Meesteres Lisa naar een sling. Ik werd er in gelegd, mijn benen met een spreidstang open gesteld. Ik kreeg een maskertje op van Meesteres Lisa, met poppers. "Zo, sletteke, nu ga ik je belonen voor je daden, en mijn eigen genot nemen. De Meesteres kwam voor me staan met een dildo in de vorm van een paardelul. Neen, dit ging vast niet meer gaan. Ze duwde de lul er langzaam in en ik voelde hoe ze me echt oprekte, dit had ik al lang niet meer gevoeld, oh zalig!! De dildo woerd diep geduwd en de sling werd naar beneden gelaten. Een kerel duwde zacht tegen de dildo, en duwde zo mijn gaatje tot het pijnlijke toe open.

Ik keek op en zag Meesteres Lisa met een wandvibrator boven me staan. Ze bukte zich langzaam. "Zo, sletteke, ik ga je wat van mijn goud aan je geven en je nog een laatste keer doen komen." Ze duwde de wandvibrator tegen mijn pieteke, dat niet wist wat het moest doen. De vibraties waren zo intens dat ik het me terug geil bracht. Meesteres Lisa liet haar gouden nector volledig over me stromen. Ik voelde alles zo intens aan en kwam nog een keer schokkend klaar, zonder nog een deftige druppel zaad ...

Meesteres Lisa bracht me terug naar mijn hotel, hielp me wassen en zorgde dat ik veilig kon gaan slapen. Wat voelde dat zalig aan. En Meesteres was tevreden, want daar gaat het om ...

Good night story

Dominatrix Lisa

I met Mistress Lisa on Twitter about a year ago and was so taken with her Beauty.

I started to chat with her and would re-tweet her beautiful pictures out all the time.

After a few months, I just knew I needed to go see her, so I asked her when would be a good time.

She told me in a week. I could hardly contain myself for a week.

When they day finally came, I couldn't think of anything but Mistress Lisa.

People at work kept asking me if I was OK, because I was so distant, but all I could think of was Mistress Lisa.

I drove over to see her and when she answered the door, I thought I was going to pass out.

She was even more beautiful in person. Then I heard her body went numb!

That beautiful Mistress and the most amazing accent....I was in haven!

She ten had me come inside where I explained to her this was the first time I have ever been to a Mistress.

She just laughed at me and told me to relax. Like I could ever relax looking at here!

She then told me to take off my closes as she left the room.

Withing about 10 minutes, she came back dressed in the most amazing black latex outfit.

Once again, I thought I was going to pass out from when I saw...The most amazing beauty!

She told me that she remembered I had always talked about taking a starpon and this would be the day.

She took me to the table in the back of the dungeon and told me to show me my ass.

I was't sure how to do that, so she showed me..I should have just bent over, but she bent me over herself.

Once I was in position, she started to put on a strapon. It was hard for me to see since my head was flat of the ground.

When I finally got a look at what she was putting on, I was scared it was way too big, but she assured me, she would make it fit.

I was not sure if that was good for me or bad, but I was so excited, I just relaxed and let her do what she wanted to me.

She began with a small butt plug that took a little while to get in my virgin ass, but once it was in, I really liked the feeling.

She talked to me the entire way through, giving me encouragement to take it in my ass and to relax. I was starting to enjoy this when she pulled it out.

When Mistress Lisa pulled it out, she then told me we were doing for the big strapon. Again, I was trying to relax, but was just worried I would not be able to take it.

She started with a little lube in the tip on the Strapon and teased me ass with it. I thought I would never be able to take it, but my ass seemed to have a different idea.

Finally she stopped teasing began to slowly push it in my ass. I could not believe the amazing feeling of it slowly going into my ass. I really thought it would hurt.

But Mistress Lisa knew what she was doing and kept the steady pressure on the dildo. Farther and farther it went, inside my ass. OMG did it feel strange!

It felt strange, but amazing. At some point, she hit my prostate,  I think I jumped. She told me that is what she was looking for and began to move it in and out.

Mistress Lisa was now fucking me in my ass. I had such a warm feeling all over my body that I had never felt before...In and out, a little harder each time.

She then removed to strapon and told me to get on the table with my legs in the air. I have never moved so fast in my life. I wanted the strapon back in my ass.

Once I was in position, Mistress Lisa thrust the Strapon in much further. I thought I was doing to pass out....not from pain, but from the pleasure of watching her do this.

She began to thrust harder and harder. at this point, my dick began to get hard, which it had not done during the entire encounter because I was so nervous.

Mistress Lisa told me that meant I was finally hers!  She then began slapping it to makes sure I knew who was boss....I was amazed, it felt so good!

After about 10 minutes of thrusting the strapon in my ass, I was begging her to let me cum. She just laughed and said I could cum when she was ready and not before.

I really began to relax more knowing that this is where I wanted to be and that I had total trust in Mistress Lisa. I think she sensed that and told me that I could cum.

She trusted deep into my ass and was hitting my prostate when she grabbed my dick and began to stroke it with the same rhythm that she was using with the Strapon.

I can't even begin to explain the feeling that went across my body. I had never felt anything like that before...I began to cum like no other time in my life.

I thought I was going to cum for an hour with the way I felt. Mistress Lisa removed the Strapon and told me that she was happy that she now owned me and my ass.

By was she right!! 

Mistress Lisa gave me the most incredible experience of my life and I hope to know her for the rest of my life.


Surprise at my door!

Dominatrix Lisa


I made an appointment with the beautiful and amazing Mistress Lisa...
I pretended I was a man, cause I wanted to see her reaction, and I always like to do things differently, in a way that the excitement and the adrenaline take hold of me and in general of those that surround me... Who doesen´t love surprises, right?!?!
Well when she opened the door, she was completely surprised!!! Yes indeed!!
She told me she wasn't expecting that at all, but I was going to pay for that!!! Who was I to fool my Mistress? My Goddess...
Ohhhhh I played with fire and I´ve burned myself!! But honestly I deserve that, and just between us, I fucking loved it!!!!
We enter, straight to the dungeon, not much talk like we used to, she didn't even let me look into her eyes... wich I love (start the punishment) My head was down, she was mad, really mad at me, but at the same time I could see she wanted to laugh, because I had fool her as any slave until then dared to!! But fuckkkkkkkk I couldn´t look up I would get her even more mad, and Mistress Lisa is not a Mistress you want to see mad... Hell noooo!
We didn´t had much time cause I´m maried and my husband has no idea of this perv side I´ve got, he will never understand... Let´s keep it a secret!! Shhhhhhhh ;)
And honestly I think Mistress Lisa findes it more interesting because of it...
Well lets get back to the dungeon...
She was smoking a cigarette, she was soooooo fucking hot, like always!!!!
On her black and pink catsuit my favorite one...
She did it on purpose (another punishment)
So she put on some music and ordered me to undress!!!
"QUICKKKKKKKKKK!!!!" she said!!!
Yesssssss Mistress!!!
I just wanted to feel my pride wounded, really fast too! I like that feeling you know, makes me feel alive!!! And when you trust someone 100% like I trust her, everything is perfect. I give myself 100%! My mind, my body and my soul!! I belong to her!!! I am her property, she can do whatever she wants with me, I´m her slave!!!
I was completly naked, feeling unprotected and vulnerable but at the same time I was soooo fucking excited that I could feel my vagina pulsate and dripping! But Mistress Lisa could not see that... Ohhhhh boyyyyyyy I would be in trouble for that!!! I had to concentrate and controle myself!!! She said I could look into her eyes cause she wanted to see me in pain. I had no idea what was goin on, until she started to caress my breasts ohhhh it felt soooooo good!!!! And suddenly she twisted my nipples!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK that was intenseeeeeeeeee!!!!! Ohhhhhh the painnnnnnn but the pleasureeeeeee is also present ... it is a mixture of feelings!! Something that I love. Pleasure pain pleasure pain...
Then she put me some tweezer nipple clamps, but those chains were so heavy, that in minutes my nipples were burning like shit!!!! But as I said... pain pleasure pain pleasure pain pleasure!!! She smoked another cigarette, ohhhhhhh with that sexy catsuit!!! So hotttttttttttt!!!!
Then she went inside, she went and got something, had no idea what it was...
Then voilaaaaaaaaa some balls to put in my vagina!!!!
But if I love that how can it be a punishment? I was not understanding what was going on... then finally I understood cause she put the balls inside me, ohhhhh fuckkkkkk it felt amazinggggggg, but then she said "DON'T MOVEEEEEEEEE!!!!! DID I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR MISS MIAAAAAAAA?? DON'T YOU DARE!! DO NOT MOVEEEEEEEE!!!!"
Ok that was the moment I realise my punishment... those balls I need to move, Jesusssss I need to dance like Michael Jackson to go to the moon and back... FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK I was quiet and always looking at the floor. Ohhhhhhh I deserve that and I wanna be punished I want her to take my soul, yessssss my soul belongs to her!!! I want to please my Mistress to make her happy!!!!
She is my first priority, not me...
Then she ordered me to lay down , went to get some ropes and started to tie me up!! Then ordered me to have my legs far open!! God she´s strong she tied me really tight I could not moove myself and I knew that my body would be all covered with marks after that!!! Shit how would I explain that to my husband?? It was a real problem let me tell you... But things are so much interesting like that!! Then she went to get some candles. ENORMOUSSSSS candles!!!! I got scared cause they were so big, that I started to imagin the amount of wax that would fell from them...
But first she took me off the tweezer nipple clamps ohhhhhhh my nipples were soooooo sore... I felt my heart beating on them, they were burning but I was so fucking excited with that!!!! Cause I saw Mistress was happy, and that was such a joy for me, she could do anything with my body!!!!
So there was I and the candles, but she went inside again, but this time she took longer!!
I had no idea what was going on... then she apeared again with a small bucket. It was an ice bucket!!! Then I understood what was going on...
She lighten up the candles and untill they got enough wax, she was teasing me and started to caress my breasts and my body. It felt so good but I could not show any pleasure so I had to control myself, that was a lesson I was learning (but sooooooo hard) she was laughing so loud, she can be so cruel!!!! And it´s so exciting!!!
Then I could not handle and I did moan, she was mad and immediately gagged me!!!!
Then grabbed a canddle and turned it down and let the wax drops drain into my nipples. Ohhhhh the pain was sooooo intense that I though the skin of my nipples would go out!!! But there you go pain pleasure pain pleasure pain pleasure!! Then she got the ice cubes... and I immediately knew what she was going to do, but she was nice that time, Mistress Lisa started to tease me with the ice all over my body, even in my vagina she put an ice cube inside... Ohhhhhhh it was refreshing hihihi
She was putting ice on my nipples cause the hot and cold hot and cold hot and cold get's me all excited!! And she knows how to do it soooooooo well!!! Then she got back to the candles and moreeeeee wax!!! Ohhhh I though I had no skin on my nipples but for my Mistress I would bleed them and would say I love it!!!!! I just wan't to please her!! Ohhhhh the second time it hurt muchhhh more and the amount of wax was enormous!!!!! Then iceeeeeeeee, wax, ice, wax, ice, I was sweating so much!! This hot and cold ohhhhhhh Goddddddddd!!!!!! Then she stoped I was all excited with so much adrenaline and happy to pleased such a wonderful and gorgeous woman!!! I was feeling shivers of pleasure with all the intensity that she causes me!!
Then she back off, and light up a cigarette, ohhhhhh there she goes, she´s sooooo hot smoking!! In my mind I just wanna masturbate while she does it... But I belong to her, I am a faithful and devoted pet... I only do what she wants and what she needs!! Auto control!!!!
She went inside again... I was curious what she would bring this time. A little bottle of poppers!!! Ohhhh boy I know what's that for... She likes me to smell it and then she fucks my tinny little asshole so hard that makes me sore for days!!!! But guess what? I fucking love it!!!! I always have a desire for something more deep and intense! Love the punishment, the pleasure, the pain, the complicity and to satisfy the darkest desires.
She said it once and repeat it again... that I was going to pay for making fun of her, so this was the moment she said, "NO LUBEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Ohhhhh boy I though I was gonna die with the size of that dildo and with no lube?!?! But then Mistress Lisa said "Only spit!!!!" Uffffffff thank God!!!! It´s enough her spit is thick, is good, and believe me it really helps!!! She fucked my ass sooooo hard for about one hour, with no lube only spit! I was sore!! But it was pleasurable at the same time! It´s a mix of feelings. But what I really wanted was for Mistress Lisa to fuck me were the balls were, I even though she might had forgotten them! lol. But noooooo she knew very well where those balls were, she took them off real slowly laughing and teasing me... Then she untied me and she said she was going to fuck my horny and juicy vagina, but just a little bit, cause this was not about me, but about her!!! It was a little gift she was ofering me... "Thank you Mistress thank you Mistress!!!" I was dripping, I wanted sooooooo badly to have that dildo inside my vagina! I wanted her inside of me!! Finally she started to fuck me I was still gagged, but you could her me moaning!! Impossible not to! She was fucking me and looking me in the eyes!! It´s always such a deep look, and I´m amazed by that look, it kinda hypnotize you! I was moaning I couldn´t control myself, so she was pissed and told me to shut the fuck up!! Only fucked me about 3/4 minutes to make me even more horny! But it felt AMAZINGGGGGGG!!! Then Mistress Lisa got the Hitachi and said I couldn't cum!!!! "Don´t you dareeeeeee!!!" She turned it up and geeeez with that shit I cum in 2/3 minutes and she knows it, so she would turn it off when I was almost having an orgasm, she would turn it off and whipped me 3 times in my vagina!! Then turn it on, whip, turn it on, whip, turn it on, whip!! Untill she decided to reward me and finally let me cum!!!!!!!! It was suchhhhhhhh an intense orgasmmmmmmmmm!!! One of those that you almost lose consciousness...
I was lying down completely exhausted, needed a few seconds to compose myself. It had been an enormous electrical discharge!
Then Mistress said what I´ve always wanted to hear: "I wan´t you to masturbate for me and I wan't you to cum for me NOWWWWWWW!!!!!" While lit up a cigarette with a naughty smile on her face and those marvelous boobs jumping out of that amazing catsuit... FUCKKKKKKK that made me even more horny!!!!
I obeyed in seconds and the second orgasm came fast!! Cause with me the 2nd or the 3rd comes faster then the 1st so easyyyyy job Mistress... And having her saying nasty things and looking at me fuckkkkkkk even better!!!
I was completly at her mercy, I was shaking all over, my bood was running so fast, my body was so hot, my heart was pounding, my breathing was faster and suddenly all my muscles were relaxed. I wanted to be her sexual pleasure object.
I just wanted to be on her presence, just wanted to be there.
And suddenly there was a complete silence... 

Good night story!

Dominatrix Lisa

So this guy....let's call him Andy....arrives at my dungeon. He wants his c*** to be pleasured. I tie him up, and tell him he's not allowed to make any noise or to cum while he's tied up.

I  tease Andy a little and soon he is all hard. I cover his cock in aftershave, light a cigarette and enjoy a smoke while he pleasures his c***!

I burn the end of his cock with your cigarette and he screams. Bad Andy so much noise he needs more punishment.

I  ask if he wants his teeth brushed. Im putting toothpaste over his c*** and with your electric brush I make sure his c***  is  nice and clean.

Another cigarette burn produces a scream.

He can't remain silent. Now i start to put pins down his japseye. Each pin is followed by another cigarette burn. Pin. Burn. Scream. Pin. Burn. Scream....until finally with his cock covered in burns and crying in pain, Andy finally manages to remain quiet.... Will he has the pleasure to c**?